Slice on Grid... snapping please?

For the sample player’s slice on grid function, it’d be nice if we could have it snap to even divisions of the entire sample that is loaded. Perhaps we could have the current functionality when the encoder is set to “fine” and snapping when its set to “coarse”. It would also be very helpful to display the number of slices rather than just the amount of ms that each slice is… its difficult to spot 16 slices at a glance.

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Absolutely. Number of slices will be displayed then. Why only even divisions?

Since the menu has plenty of space, how about two different grid slicers?

  • Slice on Interval (the current one)
  • Slice on Divisions (of Buffer)

The grid slicing is very bare-bones at the moment. One thing that I want to stay away from is anything that requires you to set a device-wide tempo.


i didn’t mean even in the sense of 2, 4, 6, etc… poor choice of words… but yea sounds like you’ve got the right idea

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Interesting. Why would you want to stay away from a device wide tempo?
What if you were working on a song that had a fixed tempo and you wanted to sync everything to that tempo, i.e. other samples being sliced to a grid, delays etc…

Mainly because the ER-301 is a slave device. Master tempo needs to be set elsewhere in your system.

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If I had my sequencer set to 100bpm and I knew that for this song I wanted to stay at that tempo, wouldn’t it be a great and easy workflow if I could set the master tempo of the 301 to 100bpm too?
And if the delays could then be a note divison of this tempo?
And when I record some samples I can then chop these recordings to a divisor of this tempo as well?

Maybe a master tempo unit that you feed a clock into and then the whole machine then syncs to this tempo?

Not really for experimental soundscapes or noise, new age, ambient etc…where you wouldn’t necessarily want to be locked to a grid but for say electronic music that does have a tempo and rhythm having a workflow like this could be a great time saver?

I totally get this but don’t see what the problem is, just feed the ER-301 your clock and you always have that clock to assign to any clockable parameter with the additional flexibility of being able to modify that at any point in the system.

I really don’t know what’s not to like?

Unless you are suggesting an admin setting where you can assign an incoming master clock and all clockable parameters default to this?

That could work, I can see how that would save some time and still allow for the setting to be overridden where needed.

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Yes exactly! That would be great, an admin setting where if you were of the persuasion to make music at a fixed tempo you could assign the incoming clock to set a master BPM that would set all of the other units / slicing etc that have a relation to tempo

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Cool - yep - I would use that a lot :slight_smile:

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