Slice order and repetition?

Hi, I am looking at the Wiki in order to understand how the slicing works, but I’m not quite getting it.

Is it possible to assign an order of playing and reps per slice ?

This is the job of your sequencer.

@odevices gotcha, but how do I assign one or the other slice portion to one or the other sequencer gate ?

You use a CV/gate pair. Your sequencer’s CV selects the slice (via the slice parameter) and your sequencer’s gate triggers the slice (via the trig parameter).

@odevices thanks Brian !

you’re really talking about the metropolis, fyi. send pitch to your slice parameter and gate to your trig sample start.

don’t forget to add a small delay on the trigger !

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I just tested it with a SH-101 sending CV and works beautifully.

@chapelierfou why do you need a delay on the triggers ?

With many CV/gate devices, the CV actually comes a tiny bit behind the trigger. This means that the CV won’t actually change the slice being triggered before the gate fires. Adding a small (2ms does it for me) delay on the trigger/gate ensures the correct slice gets triggered.


@josker thanks ! What’s your technique to add a delay to an external gate ?

add a fixed delay to the input chain.

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yeah, Brian recently added a unit specifically for this purpose – sorry, can’t remember its name. But just add it to the same place where you assign the gate for triggering.


Micro Delay :microscope:


Very helpful, thanks guys !


hello! first post here se first of all thanks everybody for the great amount of infos on this forum! i’m expecting my unit mid february :smiley:
wanted to ask: is there a way to assign triggers to fire specific slices or is just cv?
obviously i can think of just trimming the different parts of a sliced loop and set different chains each with his own trig source, but was wondering if that can be done directly in the sliced loop player.
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @hyena. You can certainly slice up a sample within the sample player, and control which slice gets fired by setting the mode to index, and then manually adjusting the index parameter to choose which slice is played by the trigger. There is no need for trimming if you do it that way.

So for example say you have a sample that contains a snare hit with some silence at the beginning and end of the sample. You could put a slice right where the snare sound starts, and a slice where the sound ends. The index parameter can then be used to select each of these three slices. You’d set index somewhere around the mid-point to select the middle slice, and that’s what the trigger will play.

Is this what you mean?

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hello Joe, thanks for the answer! not exactly what i mean, i elaborate a bit:
let’s say i have a loop and cut it in 4 slices, then i put some gates into 4 inputs, then i want input 1 to trig slice 1, input 2 to trig slice 2 etc… in a single loop player, is this possible? thanks again :slight_smile:

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In this case you would use four Sample Players but all pointing to the same sample.


thanks Brian, that’s what i thought.

hyena. that nick sounds familiar. :smiley: