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Slice order and repetition?


:slight_smile: thanks phonk ehehhehe actually i think it’s you i have to blame for infecting me with the er-301 bug :smiley:


i searched for this but didnt find something like this. i hope its fine when i ask here :slightly_smiling_face:

i know its possible to randomize the slice order but it seems to reset a lot more often to the first slice than to the other ones

i sliced up a sample - a random cv into e.g. A1 (or intern with S&H) connected to the slice parameter - increased the gain - triggered with a gate/trigger

it works but like i mentioned before it jumps way more often to the first slice than to the other one

hmm :thinking:


Probably you are feeding it bipolar random CV and all of the negative random values are being mapped to the first slice.


In this example, the White Noise unit is outputting values from -1 to 1. So all the values below 1 are triggering slice 0 and hence slice 0 will get triggered almost 50% of the time.

First, set the slice parameter’s bias to 0.5 and the gain to something small-ish like 0.3, so that your bipolar signal will be centered in the middle of the 0 to 1 range used for slice selection. Notice the thick bar on the slice fader showing the final spread of random values:


Then use the slice parameter’s gain to attenuate or amplify the range of your random values to get the exact coverage that you want. The exact gain value will depend on the amplitude of your noise source. In my case, just over 0.5 was perfect.


Pro-tip: The bias/gain parameters that you will often see on a unit’s controls are providing the same function as offset and attenuverting modules. Use them in the same way that you use offsets and attenuverters to massage your CV signals into the correct range.


Dear Brian,

thanks for clarification! :scream:

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