Slices length

Hi is there a way to play full length unequal slices? The only way I can think of is manually…

ps: maybe we should have a noobie section in the forum?

If you put a sample player in one shot mode, and index address mode, you can trigger the full length of any slice regardless of length. The index parameter controls which slice will be played.

Does that help or do I not understand the question?

one shot mode? i am on the stable firmware 2.xx
when the sampler receives a trigger it plays the slices from the start no
matter if it has finished playing the recent slice (long slice)…right?
in the case of a short slice, if the trigger comes after the slice has finished there is a gap
until the next trigger comes.
does it make sense?

Yep, makes sense.

One shot mode is a version 0.3 thing, but you get the same thing in 0.2 after you add a slice and trigger it. No, I’m not aware of a setting that tells the 301 to finish playing the current slice after a trigger is received. That always sends a reset. Maybe someone else has a trick or idea.

Thanks anyway…

Please consider the entire forum as the “noobie section”.


What would you prefer to happen?

…loop i’d think…

In that case, you will have to wait for v0.3.xx to stabilize. v0.2.xx slices are one-shot only. Enabling looping behavior for slices is available there now but I detect that you would prefer to wait. :wink:

maybe not :wink: thanks!