SLICES sequencer idea for sample player


Here’s an idea i had on an another forum who can be great for the ER301 :slight_smile:

It would be great to have a sort of Increase and Decrease Slice function on the sample player :

  • Each time the trig or gate is on, the Silce change, it play the next one for exemple.

But this function can work like in a sequencer way : Forward, Backward, Forward/Backward, Random, Drunk…
I know it can be done with a modulator on the slices selection, but it need a voltage source and it need to be well programmed ! Do it with only one trig or gate (the same who play the sample) would be more fun, fast and easy !

  • an other thing to keep multiple loops in a sort of logique or just to sync the start of the loops with another sequencers, would be the choice of a “Reset Slice” or “Start Slice”.

This slice will be actived by another trig/gate. It’s mean each time this trig is on, all my loops, or selected loops restart from this special slice.

And to finish this idea, this “Reset Slice” would be modulable by CV…

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You are in luck. A special-purpose sequencer unit designed for sequencing slices from a clock input is planned! You would drop it into the the slice select modulation chain and feed it the same clock that you feed the sample trigger.


No way ! That’s a great news :wink:
This and the drawing unit will be a huge update !

Please think about the reset function :wink: it’ll be important in case you want to sync a drum or melodic loop to other sequencer. And a good reset is always usefull in live.
Thanks !

How is this different from the reset on any sequencer?:thinking:

there is nothing different from other sequencer :wink: it just need it !

i mean if you use this slices sequencer with a sliced drum loop for example, and we would need this loop start correctly with a varigate 8. The unit will need a sort of “reset” or “start” silce. each time a trig is on, the sequence start from this slice…

It can be the same with a piano loop + ER101 sequences :wink:

i hope it’s help :wink:

I would never dream of making a sequencer without a reset input. :scream_cat: That would be so cruel!


hahaha ! so true !
And a CV on this “reset slice choice” would be great in case of multiple loop on the same wav file…
i would love to recall this one with a simple static voltage output from FH-1 + lemur on ipad for exemple… or static voltage from VOLTAGE BLOCK, each song wiil have different static voltage, so different loops.
i don’t know if it’s clear… sorry :frowning:

I believe you would just need add an Offset unit after the sequencer unit (e.g. exactly like transposing a sequence).


yes sure ! it depend how you will built this unit :slight_smile:

Is this a thing yet?

You would use the Counter unit for this.

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