Slicing + 12tet Woes

Hey all! newb here so forgive me if I am missing some obvious stuff. I am having a few issues with some of the basics as well as trying to get setup w my specific use case.

12tet addressing seems… unreliable? I can load a sample, slice it to divisions or manually, and cv address the slices w the er-101 cv A, but I find that if the polarity is set to left for example then 0 addresses… nothing and 1 will address… the 2nd slice :roll_eyes: If set to symmetrical then 0 addresses the first slice but 1 now corresponds to the 3rd slice… same behavior w ‘right’. I have gotten it to respond correctly I think once before (im using a gain of 1 and bias of 0 for the most part here) but cannot replicate. The 0 slice being nothing doesnt really bother me so much as not being able to access certain slices. The nearest mode using CV B on the 101 ofc works decently but the 12tet setup would be ideal.

Is there a way to start the sample at a slice marker, but not loop the slice but instead the whole loop? Right now if the loop mode is set to anything besides once it will simply repeat the slice over and over, which is fine for some use cases, but what if I want the whole sample to loop, and the slice to select the starting point? Sadly setting the play extent to All rather than slice completely ignores the slice input/starting point :<

The loop on gate hi in tandem w this would be ideal w the 101 step/gate duration stuff but having a hard time confirming it’s working exactly as expected.

I’m basically trying to use the 101 and 301 to chop breaks early jungle style where you have the whole loop pitched to your BPM, and you trigger the sample at various start positions, but it still loops the whole file from that point. I’m getting super granular w it and close to what I need (amazing modules <3) but it’s a major buzzkill that the sound isn’t umm continuous for that natural rolling type sound. I am on an earlier version of 4 and will upgrade soon, so maybe that’s it, but if anyone has some suggestions would be super appreciated. Hopefully this all makes sense :slight_smile:

For the slice issue you can reference this thread:

Still confused what I could be doing wrong w the 12tet assignment if anyone has experience this and overcome the issue? Thanks

Do you mean it is not acting the same way each time you trigger? Are you adjusting for the timing mismatch (see figure below) between your sequencer’s trigger and CV signals with a uDelay unit on the trigger?

Not at the moment. It is a pending feature request.

Thank you, I definitely had run into that issue but the 2ms delay works as expected. This issue is weird so bear w me here. W a fresh sample unit on a new sample I can slice it up and address using the 12tet mode. On my 101 CV A out I have c0 for example and it fires the first slice, then I sent c#0 and it fires the 2nd slice, then d0 fires the 4th slice(?). So basically the 3rd slice is not addressable via CV, and these jumps happen kind of randomly as you scale up through the slices. It’s close but not reliable so I am wondering if I have to change some settings or update firmware. I have gain at 1 and bias at 0 as that seems to be what’s recommended around here. If I change the slice polarity then things definitely behave a bit differently (example 0 might make no sound instead of firing slice 1 or something), but I am not sure that it’s the solution. I know I had it at least once where everything mapped correctly. Does the gain need to match the number of slices or is there a specific order of operations or combination of settings I should try out?

Glad that other request is already on your list, I hope that it’s helpful for other people’s needs as well!

d0 definitely fires the 3rd slice here. Let’s debug your testing procedure.

Here is the chain that I used to test. The sample is a man counting down from 10 to zero. (1.6 MB)

ER-101(CV-A) to A2: Vari-speed Player(slice)
ER-101(GATE) to G3: Vari-speed Player(gate)

On my ER-101, I have entered an 11 step sequence with CV-A incrementing through semitones from C0 to A#0. I hear all digits from 10 down to zero.

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