Slope mod affected by gate

I’m trying to use an external gate patched to gate x to apply one transform (add 1 to gate), and a different external attenuated gate patched to slope x to modify the pitch. I’ve found that the slope x mod is only active when gate x is high. If I unpatch gate x, the slope mod stays active (the behavior I was expecting). I reread the manual carefully, but this behavior doesn’t seem to be described anywhere.

Is it normal for the gate input to affect the slope mod? And if so, is there a way around it (other than simply using slope y or z instead)?

SLOPE is used in conjunction with CV, not GATE.

GATE has an either on HIGH or on LOW application.

If you apply X GATE transforms set on LOW you don’t even need a cable plugged into the GATE input

Be careful when you switch between these different settings as they are all live,

I know–gate signals are CV too :slight_smile:

I’m trying to send a gate of a certain voltage to CV X in order to transpose my sequence for the length of the gate. Which works with nothing plugged into the GATE X input, but doesn’t work if anything is patched to GATE X (doing something completely different). When GATE X is patched, CV X is only active when GATE X is high. Which is useful in its own way, just unexpected.

You have the steps in a group? And that group has the switch settings of your preference?

Steps are in a group. I don’t know what you mean by switch settings.

I think you are looking for the cv-*-gated options in the config file for this. It’s been awhile since I played with them, but I believe the default ignores the CV when the gate is low-- you can turn that off.

That’s exactly what I was looking for, don’t know how I missed it. Thanks!