Slow MIDI Playback, Newbie Please Help

Quick question sorry to bug the forum with a newbie question…

I have the ER-101 and ER-102, I loaded a MIDI file from the Memory Card. The sequence is approximately one phrase, 32 Beats of 4/4. However the ER-101 is playing it super slow and is dragging on.

This probably means that your MIDI file was encoded with a high PPQN value. How many clock pulses is one beat?

Apologies for my ignorance, how would I tell what the Midi file was saved at? I am working on a remix and the midi file came this way from the label. Is there a way I can recreate this file with my own PPQN value?

The MIDI file was made on Bitwig Studio DAW, however I use Ableton which uses 96 PPQN. Even with Ableton being at 96 and the ER-101 wanting 24, would I be able to make MIDI files in Ableton which will work? I could just make the same midi file in Ableton as long as I can get the ER-101 / 102 to register the 96 PPQN. I get sound it’s just super slow… only have had this set up for about 3 days so appologies again if these are questions which have been answered. I have done a search and have read the manual… cannot come up with a fix.

Sorry one last thing… using my Umidi from intellijel the MIDI file works perfectly. So this would make me think it’s got to be something with the file not agreeing with the ER-101 / 102.

The clock I am feeding the ER-101 / 102 is from my Yarns which is ran at 96 PPQN, I am coming out of my Circadian Rhythms Main with a stackable cable into the clock on the ER-101 / 102.

Why do you think the ER-101 wants 24PPQN?

Have you tried speeding up the clock that you give the ER-101? There are also internal clock multiplier settings for each track in the ER-101.

Please keep in mind that the ER-101/102 is not a MIDI file player. :wink: It has a harder job than that. It imports the MIDI file and tries its best to convert it to a sequence of less than 2000 variable-length steps (i.e. the ER-101 sequence representation) that each have a maximum duration of 99 pulses. There are some parameters for the MIDI import in the CONFIG.INI file that you can adjust to influence this process:

; Temporal quantization: shift events to the nearest quantization grid boundary. (v2.00-)
; none - do not quantize
; 1 to 256 - # of divisions per quarter note (e.g. 2 for 8th notes, 3 for triplets, 8 for 32nd notes, etc.)
quantize = 16
; How is the MIDI clock interpreted when loading MIDI files?
; 1 to 96 - Divide the MIDI clock by this number when loading MIDI files.
; auto - Determine divider based on the MIDI file's PPQN.
divider = auto

; Transpose all MIDI notes by this amount before converting to an ER-101 CV index.
; -127 to 127
transpose = -24

By the way, what version of firmware is your ER-102 running?

Sorry I put 24ppqn instead of 4ppqn as noted in the Manual for the ER-101

No I have not tried to speed up the clock because the clock is coming from Ableton, to my Yarn’s then to either circadian ryhthms or the ER-101 directly. My reset is being fed off my L1 Quad VCA. The clock coming into the ER-101 from Ableton is 96 ppqn.

I am lost as I am not a classicly trained muscian and simply have no ability to sit and plug in one note at a time, this is the reason I was hoping to use midi files. I can create them in Ableton and then drop them in a Snapshot and play them live. I am still hoping I can do this. I simply got nothing from the post Brian and I do appologize, I am really trying to understand.

I will look and see what firmware the 101 and 102 are running.

You can use any PPQN that you want. It seems you took a single instruction out of context from the quickstart part of the manual?

I think I see the basic problem though. Perhaps you don’t have enough familiarity with the basic functionality of the ER-101 to be using the advanced MIDI import feature yet? For example, do you know what it means when the first step of track 1 has a DURATION of 16 and a GATE of 8?

Guess the real question is will this eventually recognize a midi files the way I need it to? Without wasting your time, if it cannot do what I need it to do then I need to figure out what will and not invest all the hours learing this device. Just need somthing which will paly sequences without having to enter in a bunch of steps. Thanks for all the help so far Brian, no worries if it will not eventually work. Would rather know this now then find out later. Time as you know is such a valuble gift and I need to be making music, not learing complex devices to get only 10% of what I need it for.

That sounds right to me :wink: Choose your battles wisely!

So the answer is it won’t… Correct?

Oh that wasn’t a rhetorical question? Haha.

The answer is it will definitely do it. But you will need to spend hours learning a complex device first.

Yes it was an honest questions Brian…

Given the reputation of the 101 / 102 and the lack of Modulars which will do what I want them to do, I guess I will be spending the hours learning this thing. Really wish there was somone who did tutorials like they did for the 301. This would be a life / time saver… Oh well…

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How about going through the manual and posting your questions whenever you don’t understand something?

It might be that you will get 90% of the knowledge that you need by just fully understanding the quickstart example…