Snap to next slice produces clicks

Hello, I’m not sure if this is a known issue but I’ve noticed this quite a lot while playing with the Grain Stretch.

Once you played the current Slice the play head instantly snaps to the following one which is great, but when this happens a small portion of the next splice is played back producing a click. This of course more evident with samples that start at the very beginning of the file.

Would it be possible to have either a neutral middle frame or ending on the end of the previous sample?

I’m on 0.3.25 Jasmine 48

Snap to next slice…I must be going crazy because I don’t remember creating this feature. Perhaps if you explain the patch in more detail (i.e. at the minimum, how you have the Grain Stretch unit configured and how you are controlling its trig and slice controls) I will be able figure out what you are doing. Basically I need enough information to reproduce the click but at the moment I do not know where to start.

Hi Brian, sure, here we go:

Insert a Vari-Speed Player (Sample Operation > Select from Pool, Play Duration > Once and Play Extent > Slice)
Then I am controlling the gate with G1.
When the sample you trigger finishes the play head goes onto the adjacent sample and you should hear a click, provided the audio starts right at the start of the splice.

Are we talking about the Vari-speed Player or the Grain Stretch unit?

I experienced it with both.

Are your slices on zero-crossings?

I haven’t made them manually, they were auto generated when I loaded the pool.

Do you mean you loaded a sample chain (which puts a slice at the beginning of each sample)?


So you are using samples that don’t start at a value of zero? (Which would mean that technically they have a click in them on purpose.)

You’re right this is happening when the first frame (this is from a library) isn’t 0

OK. Let me take this information and have a think about what is the right thing to do. This usage case wasn’t really at the front of my mind when I was implementing the slice playback. Thanks for your patience with my questions!


No worries! Thank you for being so responsive! :slight_smile: