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So v6 - dare I ask? :)

So I seriously check daily, I’m so exited for what I think is coming
I know you like to keep things close to your chest but how about an update, a v5 anniversary present or something

*** just in case this needs to be said - I’m perfectly happy on v5 and my excitement for the next update and cpu upgrade isn’t for a second tarnished, just super interested on what’s coming, I know it’s close


I’ll bet the other 96 people that viewed this post already are wondering the exact same thing. So many times I want to come over here and plead for details too but seeing you took a stab, I’m going ahead and chiming in with my wish too.

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Rest assured. It is coming very very…




@nocables This is your cue to start checking twice a day now :grin:

(I know I do)


How soon is now?

You is super mean :frowning:

Scraps, a crumb

No meanness or spite intended. I’m keeping my mouth shut because I honestly think it is a better decision. Dealing with crowds is tricky!


Whahah. I am sure there no angry mob running around here. But you are probably right.

1:15 :slight_smile:

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While we’re all still asking and poking, politely of course, is this still the plan or any chance it’s sneaking into 0.6 given the deep dive? :slight_smile:


Oh leave the man alone already. Go make some music or something :sweat_smile:


Make … Music? :thinking:


Haha, I’ve been a music professional for over 20 years now. For a long time I’ve been doubting what I liked more: music or sound or tech.

I’ve concluded that to my mind, they are too interwoven (is that a word?) to separate. :slight_smile:

That being said: take your time Brian. Go bike when needed, enjoy life etc. Better later and healthy than fast and overworked.

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Today my bunny hops have improved immensely.
Thank you for that! Coding always go faster when my legs are tired. Haha.


One of the many pieces of v0.6 is finally taking shape.


Excitement, adventure and really wild things! Thoon it comes!

Seriously, thanks – again – for the instrument that immediately became a centerpiece of my setup and stays this way, completely independent of its firmware version lol


How thoon is meow?

Can’t wait to get cracking on the SDK!

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My morning check and yeeeehaaa!!!

Ooooh, Exceed CF?