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So what are you listening to?


His band is on fire! I wish I had been able to see him just once! :frowning:


Always had a bit of a soft spot for eastern european music and sounds, something about them feels very home like!

One of my favourites is actually a Mexican band, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, they take the tonality and the musical constraints and turn them into something quite special I think, enjoy:

And does listening to your own music count? If so, then this… it has nothing to do with an ER* module, actually, the only sound source is Birdkids Bateleur:


@rbeny - I’ve seen them twice! The first time was by accident. I was broke and getting cooked alive in my apt (July in Chicago), and had to get out for the night. I was just hired at the Empty Bottle in town here and went down for A/C and a cheap beer. Ended up getting blown out of the water. I’ve seen Sunn as well and found the effect of smoke during the Psychic Paramount set was not only more dense, but was an element of the performance onto itself due to the white backlighting. Shadows cast across the entire club, though I’m sure you remember! Cheers - I rarely run into anybody who has seen them live. :thumbsup:


The town that I live near is called Hebden Bridge, there’s a club called the Trades Club, maybe 300 people capacity tops and they get acts in there that would draw much larger crowds, it’s quite extraordinary! I go there sometimes for the food, early evening, some folks I know will be there and perhaps we stay to see the act for the night, I’ve experienced that totally unexpected blown-away-ness many times there - always think those night’s are the best!

Thanks for your story :smile:

Check out the recent guests :wink:



One of my favorite pieces by one of my favorite composers. Here’s a cool visualization to follow for Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna:



Wow! Are there empty seats in the house? So interesting.

My friend does all of the official transcription books for KC and it’s awesome to see his work with the band. They’ll always be one of those groups that I’ll go an extended period of time not listening to and then binge listen after re-realizing their genius.


Wow seriously. Same here, I have to go binge listen to more KC now! I’ve basically just listened to Court if the Crimson King a bunch. Any other favorites?


Been listening to Ena’s back catalogue:


After listening to this very dark & deep Ena b2b with Mumdance - this is on repeat!:


Today is the first snow in my city, so, on this special morning, for more than 30 years now I am listening to the amazing Rypdal/Vitous/DeJohnette album, including this beauty:


Certainly different aesthetics to different iterations of the band. Court is the first album, 60’s era. I’d suggest Red (for a general idea on what 70’s era sounds like) and Discipline (80’s) and see what you dig about those!


A couple months ago I finally looked up this recommendation I noted down ages ago. Seems like one of those things everyone else probably knows about but new to me and it just hits all the right buttons for me. Todd Rundgren’s A Wizard a True Star

Been on repeat for awhile now!


So many great posts all! So much listening to add to the list!! :smiley: :smiley:


Picked this up yesterday from bandcamp: https://grampus.bandcamp.com

Jazz’ish trio with horns, electronics, and even modular (!) - the 5th track is a burner

Some moments remind me of Supersilent: (there used to be a better version of this (full) set floating around, seems it’s been taken down) https://vimeo.com/3301435


Speaking of Bandcamp I picked this up this morning after seeing that our very own @mudlogger made his first official release: https://mudlogger.bandcamp.com/album/touch-activated


Saw that earlier and am going to check it out today - congrats on the release @mudlogger !


i enjoy this almost daily:

it’s a persian ney (or nay, nai) flute. supposedly one of the most difficult instruments to learn.
the playing technique looks quite weird, they “hang” their teeth into the embouchure which is just a round opening with sharp edges all around. amazing variations in the tone!


That was fascinating. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!



Seriously peculiar playing method. Intriguing.


thankyou :slight_smile: