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So what are you listening to?


thanks for your support John :slight_smile:


Training my tonal devices


301 arriving next weak!


I’m listening to this:


Love me some renaissance motets - thanks for sharing this one


Bjork - Homogenic

I’m really excited for her new album


A bit OT…several years ago I began recording renaissance motets by multi tracking my 5u modular, eventually releasing a collection. I guess technically I’m still working on this type of stuff, but it has been over a year since I’ve made any further progress. This is representative of my latest:

End OT


@rgalbraith this is beautiful! Six voices or four?


Thank you! Five voices actually.


Went over to leave a comment on this track and started listening to your other work which inspired me to go ahead and purchase, “This is the world.”

While listening to some of those tracks I decided to check out your work, “Polyphony” and had to buy it too.

Brilliant work pulling so much pathos out of your synths.


About to buy this from our very own @rbeny


I just bought this on a record (from the awesome Recollection GRM series) - and I just ordered an ER-301. They are both of a same kind for me and hopefully will meet somewhere…


@leverkusen oh that’s fantastic i just bought that vinyl too! thanks!!


Ah thank you! The 301 was used all over this thing. Namely a few custom fx units, but also a custom unit Rings exciter.


Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy them both!


Again I bought a record today and like it very much. It has a beautiful cover artwork also and partly sounds like this:

Unfortunately the other half, which is more like kazachian folk music does not get featured on YT.


…oh, and in between I found this reissued LP which is amazing! Everyone needs a copy of it. Though it sounds better on vinyl than on youtube (analogue vs. digital, you know…;-):


I’ve seen Midori Takada playing yesterday. It was a beautiful evening and a very inspiring experience. Also the sound of the room was great.


yes, that’s fantastic!


This days I’m listening to Abul Mogard, that, by coincidence, I’ve discovered thru @mudlogger :slight_smile: