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So what are you listening to?


oh wow i envy you. through the looking glass is one of my all time favorite albums!!



Hopefully not too OT: a prog band I played bass in released an EP five years ago today, so I made it available for free download for the next week. For fans of weird, avant-prog/metal meets some sort of psychedelic Pink-Floyd musings.


Yes, same here - I think she is in Geneva next week…

It was a lot like this one. I think two peaces on cymbals, spoken words and two on a gong. She even played a bowed Waterphone, which was beautiful - just too short.


Great music for being half asleep on a rainy morning…


I’ve seen them live on Friday - beautiful music, educating and emotionally haunting. Great attitude - spread the word!


…him and prince as well…
amazing jacko show
thanks Neil



Really loving this album right now.


Been listening to this a lot lately & the vinyl arrived today :sunglasses:


This is sublime. So much timbre from a single instrument. Thank you.


I know right!? Is it a clarinet? Is it a synthesizer? :slight_smile:


this is indeed brilliant, just bought everything i could find from McCowen and reading interviews with him,
very fascinating approach to minimalistic, timbre based acoustic music or as he calles it “post-electronic” acoustic music! so thank you very much for posting this here @tomk!


i’m currently addicted to the sahelsounds label and especially the female trio Les Filles de Illighadad.
their tuareg guitar music is incredible:

and julian sartorius newest percussiv travel-journal:


That’s awesome! I guess now that I think about it, some of my most favorite music addresses timbre and texture as its primary materials. Bonus if the instruments are physically huge :slight_smile:


Love this recommendation. I showed this to a friend that it reminded me of and he said “oh shit I opened for this guy last month”. Small world! I’m really drawn to this abstract “electronic” acoustic music these days.


Makes sense :slight_smile: - what does your friend do?


That explains quite a lot about your album :smile:

Love Tuareg music & traditional stuff seems to translate well to electic guitar. There’s a delicious uplifting melacholy (if that can be said).


I´ve been really inspired by this lately.


Wow, I just joined this community in anticipation of starting an O|D-centered rack and I’m so glad I found this thread; fantastic music! Tangentially on the topic of “is it a clarinet or a synth?”, I must throw in a recommendation for one of my favorite albums in which the line between clarinet and synth pretty clear, but the two blend together so organically!