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So what are you listening to?


Lea Bertucci’s music is also very interesting if you like wind instruments.


He does very similar timbral explorations with a violin. Not sure if he has anything published to link to but I will be sure to share here if I find anything!


ive been really into rival consoles lately. Someone needs to get this dude a 301. I saw him using some euro in his against the clock…


Same here. His music is very energizing to me. I think a good amount of v0.3 was coded to his Odyssey/Sonne album and various Nils Frahm compositions.


I’ve been listening to stuff on the Cuspeditions label recently - the David Ross album, i really like.


wow, this is ace! thanks for sharing.

i remembered this one the other day. i always get inspired and want to make music after having listened to it.


This one is so good, it a great techno full length, which isn’t that common. Great from start to finish. I had the 3lp in mu hands last time I was in Phonica but I had so many other records in my hand that I left this one aside… Next time !

Currently listening to those three records though, the latest to come in the mail :

Also, I really enjoyed the music in these two movies lately :


SAME, guy rips - whoever he really is…



I’m really getting into Jojo Mayer and Nerve right now:


Incredible techno track, deep and melodic at the same time; one of the highlights of Avery’s DJ Kicks ! (Thanks @vcoadsr !!)


uok…here goes. 5 things i love.


I absolutely love this podcast–check out EP 16 and 17 for some electronic + modular goodness


I love this one! Used to have the app for it too!


Yes! More awesome stuff to distract me from firmware coding. :grimacing:


It’s a great series! I highly recommend the Pauline Oliveros and Marcos Balter episodes.




Amazing thread!

Since the past two years, I keep coming back to this amazing album: