Software editor

It would be great if someone could make a software editor to create sampler patches.
Having used a few different ones,they tend to be quicker than using the actual hardware for putting together the sample patches, dropping in samples, naming etc…
Maybe this would be possible when the SDK comes out?

Here’s an example of one that is for the MPC1000

This would then require the use of a computer which is what the 301 was specifically designed to prevent. (at least that how I read the 301 description.)

An editor or form of editor functionality within the 301 on the other hand makes sense. (even though this sort of already exist in how you use samples, etc.) Apologies if this is what you are talking about.


I guess all of the people who didn’t want to use a computer wouldn’t have to if they didn’t want to, as it wouldn’t be doing anything that you can’t do in the 301 itself!
Just it would be a quicker way of creating sample patches, same concept as the link I shared above.

I’m also guessing that there are quite a few 301 owners who have a computer that would be interested in it if it sped up the workflow of creating sample patches.

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I’d be interested in a software editor for the same reason I’m getting familiar with Paul Schreiber’s new tool called WaveEdit he has commissioned for the E352 and upcoming E370 (I’m the guy that got serial #0001 when he Kickstarted it). It’s the best way to design and transfer wavetables to those devices.

The idea of assembling building blocks on the computer before moving it over to the modular device doesn’t hurt the experience for me at all.

I agree on the sentiment of enjoying being in the flow and present in front of my modular gear with no interfacing of the computer when I’m busy and though I record multi-track to my DAW it’s all done through a PUSH and foot pedal. But before I take the maestro’s place I have a lot of prep that happens off center stage.


I should have said I’m not opposed to it. As much as people claim they got into x to get away from y, I find it very useful to use a computer (or any tool for that matter) if it helps you to make music.