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Sold er-101 & er-102


Hey everyone.

I am selling my ER-101/102 combo. They are both in excellent cosmetic condition and working perfectly.

I am asking £750 - and would prefer to sell to an existing forum member in the UK.



Price drop to £750 before I list elsewhere.


Might be interested for your ER102 if you agree to split both and also depending price.
I’m located in FR.


Sorry. I have sold both, pending payment.


Yeah, I beat you to this! Three quarters of the price (with import charges) seemed reasonable given the current wait on both modules.



You will love the 101/102 combo. My advice is to just concentrate on the 101 until you feel that you know your way around. At that point you will have a few ideas about how it could be even cooler. The 102 will then fulfill all of that and a load more - it’s an incredible sequencer with the expander.


Sold! Could you lock / close the post please @odevices? :pray:


I wouldn’t worry about it; whether or not I can get the most out of it, it should be understandable. There’s some helpful videos out there.



True. I prefer a good manual over a video and the 101 and 102 manuals are superb. Hope the 101/102 inspires you as much as it did me.


Same, with this exact exception ha