SOLD. usa. levit8. awesome utility for er301 (hope this is ok)

i hope this is ok! mods just delete if not. no biggy!

i just know how useful this was for me and wanted to offer it up here for that reason.

link Erogenous Tones Levit8: 8 channel mixer/dc offset up to 10volts/inverter module, very flexible. basically make your er-301 have 8 knobs that go higher than something like a voltage block! light rash. i’ll ship to usa free. $sold!!!


intrigued…why you sold it? Cheers

i have one of these right next to my er301 as well, i recommend it! only downside is the knobs are close together so its not easy to grab a knob and do a full sweep. but its a give and take for 8 channels in such a small hp

just ran out of room, and found my workflow to not need it often. i do like things with labels. someday there’ll be something like this with 8 led labels. :slight_smile:

i am selling mine now as well if anyone is interested in my levit8 - $150 including us shipping!
just selling it because i want that new sweet sixteen fader bank module