Solved: V/oct output not working?

this is weird!.. (admittedly, it may also be the first time that i’m using the ER’s OUT for v/oct, and i’m wondering if i’m overseeing the obvious or if i have some error in reasoning here)

white noise » sample and hold (triggered via IN A1) » v/oct of verbose harmonic oscillator (tried this with various oscillators)

why am i getting these portamentos, but no continous change in pitch? :frowning:

thanks! :slight_smile:

I might be stepping beyond my knowledge here, but I think the reason is that the outs are not DC coupled and hence cannot send CV signals.


That’s right - theres no meaningful CV out of the ER-301!

As mentioned elsewhere you can kinda get away with it in some applications but it’s really not what it’s designed for, see the notes on the panel for information re. IO.

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aeh! :scream: i wasn’t even aware! (:

thanks for the quick help

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Hehe, you’re not alone in thinking this, it has come up before :wink:

It’s certainly become a bit of a wish list thing, personally I am quietly hoping that the next module will be a CV modulation source like only O|D could ever do! This is totally just my wishful thinking :slight_smile:


if something like that could be done in an expansion device – woah!

Whoa is the right word… it would turn it into a super modular computer!

…but it kinda goes against the idea of it being a ‘sound computer’ which is what it is called after all. I think a separate dedicated module along similar lines to the ER-301 would be much better…

Then there would be the trinity; the Sequencer (ER-101/2), Audio (ER-301) the Modulator (ER-???)

With those three in a skiff anything would be possible…

Hehe, I do like dreaming sometimes :slight_smile:

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The endless possibilities would become even more endless :grin:


I like limitations for this reason.