Some basic workflow questions to prepare

So i figure i might start a lil topic asking a few things to get a better understanding of what awaits me and potential other beginners.

3 that bug me from top of my head.

  • is it possible to save an environment where a few externnal cv mod sources are set to a bunch of inputs and therefore be able to browse through for example effects while the cv mod source always keeps control over the next effects ‚standard‘ parameter?
    Or is something like that not possible and instead re assign every input everytime for every parameter and every new unit?

  • as of current firmware, should i prepare my samples into chains or its just the same easy loading for a set of sample per note or otherwise chopped multisamples?

  • in theory triggering the er 301 with 4 note polyphony and having a duplicate of the mixer/sampler unit running the same sample just one octave higher/lower should result in 8 voice chords when a 4 voice chord would be played? Just a neat idea without being super relevant

1)you can save many different things:
-quicksave: you save EVERYTHING (the state of the machine as it is in that moment)
-chains: you save whatever is in a chain. the chains correspond to the channel setup, so if you arranged your channels as 4 mono you’ll have 4 chains, if 2 stereo two chains, if one stereo 2 mono, three chains. plus you can have global chains.
-units preset. the state of that peculiar unit.
in any of the above cases input assignments are saved, so you can arrange your cv inputs and then save different (i.e.) quicksaves that all have the same inputs and then jump from one to the other loading them (keep in mind this will freeze your chains while loading, so not always feasible when live performing)

2)you don’t have samples per note right now but you have 12TET cv handling of slices. with the latest firmware you can load multiple samples and the 301 will arrange them in a samplechain for you, with all slices already set.

3)yes. that just adds demand to the CPU

Very nice. Thank you and again hats off to Brian.

About 2) not sure i ve completely understood how and what kinfd of cv i need for it. For a start i wanted to go with a simple 3 knob offsett/attenuater to flexible map it to whatever i need. In the sense of a cv sequencer i would see the exact usage of cv slice handling but that would limit me to usually around 8 slices!?
If i dont go with external sequencer for a start and only have 3 cv sources
Would i still be able to make full use if the 12tet and playing with slices of the sample player? If for simplicity we think about fingerdrumming via Gates and assuming i have enough Hands and skills i would be able to jump between slices while playing them? Or lets say i record CV in the 301 same thing?

And the presetting of slices is accurate on the transients/startpoints?
I basically want to keep them flexible for live variations. Thats what fascinates me a lot about this Module.

  1. is probably more usefull for layering than chords

keep in mind that the 12TET layout is one of three available different ways to handle slices:
the 12TET is explicitly thought for when you want to choose slices with a 1v/oct behaviour (midi-cv keyboards, quantized sequences etc…), the others might be more usable with , say, random cv, unquantized voltage sources etc…

if you are sending gates you cannot have one input assigned to one slice. but it’s not a problem, you set up many sample players with many different samples triggered by different inputs, that’s it!

you will see by yourself that the environment is one of the most flexible ever thought, and logically and intuitively laid out as well.
i tell you, i watched all joe’s and neill’s great videos before my 301 landed and they helped a lot to get an overall understanding, but it’s only when i put my hands on it that i grasped the immediacy and overall awesomeness of this design. great, great module. i’m sure you’ll answer to your own questions by yourself in a very short time as soon as you plug it!

Thanks again hyena, once again very helpful!

With Gates i refer to the allflesh pads wich i decided as fit for input on the little skiff. At least after Kels demo i was under the impression they send gates. But they seem to be able to send usable cv too if amplified . Does that change anything for the slice selecting example?

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think about it this way:
if you want to trigger one sound with one source and the second with a second one you need different samplers (nested in their mixer units so they are in the same chain) - think of it as a drum machine where each button has a drum sound…

if you want to trigger many sounds from a single source you use the slice mechanism - think of it as a sampler that you control with a keyboard, you slice the loop so that you can use the different notes to trigger different samples, but the keyboard is one, the midi channel is one etc…

sorry, maybe i’m a bit confusing but i’m in serious need of sleep :slight_smile:

Perfectly clear put

The slice mech way seems to bear a lot more fun /experimentalism and creative potential to me. More alive so to speak.
What i dont see is if its possible to use that method with multiple sources (cv/gates)
In a simple example i think it should be possible to have a sample containing lets say 10 variations of a Hihat, triggering that from an allflesh plate plugged into a attenuater with offset or similar,
Wouldnt it be possible to play the hihat with that trigger plate while changing the slice points on the fly with the modulation (not sure if offset is corrct tho) but i guess thats what i would want to archive.
And multiple players of that kind:)

yes and you can also have your gate signal triggering the “hi hat player” and have a white noise + sample and hold randomly choosing which slice of your hihat samplechain to play.

Great stuff, i should look for a place to read into common modular tricks like that.

You think it’s convenient to do this with er301 internal sh/n and lfo or better off having those outside?

perfectly fine with internals! less fuss, plus stuff like that isn’t that much cpu heavy!