Some new Units to share

Cool. Let me know what you think if you give it a go, it’s a bit odd like it works fine but then something keeps throwing it off.

I can get something vaguely similar from Cold Mac but it’s not a pulse, just some amount of the top or bottom portion of the wave as set by a voltage. So not really.

I can’t actually think of a module with a threshold value for true/false off the top of my head. Maybe a comparator could do the trick :thinking:

Wasn’t modulating at audio rate, just lfos, slow ones at that.

I tried it out, and you’re right. Something strange is going on with that threshold control.

Aliasing Saw at audio rate into input a.
Nothing into input b.
OR operator.

At that point all is well and the output is a clean square wave that tracks the frequency of the saw input as I’d expect.

As soon as I move the threshold control away from zero, I start to get drop outs. Seems like I can restabilize it at certain values, but I can never again get output at threshold of 0 short of recreating the chain.

When it’s not glitching, modulating threshold changes pulse width as I’d expect.

I’m not sure what’s up with that yet. Will need to review the code. Interesting find. Thanks for trying it out and letting me know.

Nice one. Well, good to know it’s an official mystery for now and not me being a doofus or just bumping up against the limitations of the 301. A lot of the audio rate stuff I’ve been trying has been coming out quite unexpected. Particularly using the sample scanner, which seems so full of potential but half the stuff I try with it… weird.

Cheers Joe :grinning:

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These units are amazing! I’ve been using them to slowly build up an ER-301 version of the Buchla Music Easel.
I ran into an issue with the Timed Gates unit that might be user error. I can’t seem to be able to modulate the “coarse” or “fine” parameters no matter what I set the gain setting to on the modulation source.
I’ve attached a couple screen shots that show a modulation input of .5 going into the controls with a gain of 10, and no resulting change to the coarse/fine values.
I’m using the version of the units from Brian’s “Ported to v0.4.05” post.

Please excuse me if I’m overlooking something obvious, I’ve had the module all of two days so far :sweat_smile:


Nope, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Just tested and something is broken there.

I’ll add that to my list. Will be giving this library some love soon.

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I know, it’s been a long time coming. Forgive me for that. Here’s the first release of 2019.

The final zip archive for firmware v0.3 stable is included as well. The Timed Gate Unit has been removed from the 0.3 archive since it requires a 0.4x feature to work. Units will no longer be created for 0.3x firmware, or tested on it going forward (though you’re welcome to try them).

For firmware v0.4.05+: Accents (30.2 KB)
For firmware v0.3 stable: Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units Firmware 0.3 (27.1 KB)

Going forward, library has been renamed from Joe’s Bespoke ER-301 Units to Accents. This should make the Units fit much more nicely on the Insert menu and reduce installation issues. I have moved a few units to better category homes.

I have removed or replaced the word “Bespoke” in all unit names. The original intent here was to distinguish them from any future builtin units that might want that to claim that unit name, but since the library name now precedes the unit name on the insert menu, I feel the “Bespoke” prefix is redundant and causes unnecessary clutter. I am not sure if this will break any downstream custom units or chains. I left the actual file name intact in hopes that it won’t. If it does, i apologize - should be a one time thing.

I have created a new github repo for Accents. If you are updating via git, please repoint. The old repo will no longer be maintained.

Finally, there is a bug fix for the Timed Gate unit. And I have updated Scorpio to work with firmware 0.4x and merged it into this library for easier maintenance. It has been renamed to Scorpio Vocoder for clarity.

FIXED: Timed Gate unit coarse and fine duration parameters were not accepting modulation
JANITORIAL: Libarary renamed from Joe’s Bespoke ER-301 Units to Accents
JANITORIAL: Timed Gate unit moved to Timing category
JANITORIAL: Bespoke BPF renamed to Ladder BPF
JANITORIAL: Bespoke Aliasing Pulse renamed to Aliasing Pulse
JANITORIAL: Bespoke Ensemble renamed to Ensemble
ENHCANCED: Moved unit Scorpio to this library, updated to work with 0.4x firmware, and renamed to Scorpio Vocoder. This unit is a collaboration with @anon83620728


Thanks so mutch for your great work which makes it even more
nice to work with the ER 301! Will try the 0.4 update later when I am with my unit.

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Thanks a lot for the update!

Short question: There are still two “Bespoke” units in “Accents”: BespokeAliasingPulse and BespokeBPF. I assume we can’t just rename the files, because they are referenced in init.lua?

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I left the file names intact in hopes of not breaking anything that was built using them. So you’re correct, you wouldn’t be able to change the file names unless you also update init.lua, which would mean you’d have to maintain that file with each update yourself.

I am seeing now that I didn’t change the unit titles (for display in the unit header). So I’ll fix those with the next update.

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First and foremost: thanks so much @Joe for making these Units! They’re awesome and open up so many new possibilities!

I have a question regarding “Voltage Bank”. I have a Custom Control fader linked to “Start” of a Manual Loop unit and would like to save/recall some fader positions I like with Voltage Bank – but this doesn’t work. To recall the stored voltages I have to modulate the Custom Control fader with the output of Voltage Bank (Gain 1, Bias 0), but when I set the Voltage Bank mode to “In”, this creates a “CV feedback”, because Voltage Bank passes through its input CV.

So to store values I have to set the Gain of the Custom Control fader to 0, but ideally I’d switch between saving and recalling on the fly. Can you think of a workaround or is Voltage Bank only meant to store exernal CVs?

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You’re welcome!

You don’t have to set the output mode to “input” to record new values. You can trigger it in index mode and Voltage Bank should still sample it’s input into the selected bank slot.

Does that help or have I not fully grasped what you’re trying to do yet?

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Yes, thanks, that helps – but there’s still a problem: When I set the fader to 0.1 and fire the trigger in index mode, Voltage Bank outputs 0.1, so the fader value jumps to 0.2 (Current fader value + Voltage Bank value). It’s kind of the same problem I ran into recently in a different situation.

I guess what I’m not understanding is why you have the custom control in between the VB and the target parameter. Why not connect the VB directly to the start param on the Manual Grains? Then use an Offset unit (bias 0, gain 1) as the input to VB, and connect the top level custom control up as the modulation source for the Offset.

If you want the controls all up at the top of a custom container, you could create an additional linear and gate custom control to control VB’s index and trigger params.

It’s very possible I’m just not understanding what you’re trying to achieve. Sometimes it’s hard for me to visualize a patch from a description.

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Same as :grin:

I didn’t have the idea to use an Offset unit as VB input, so my workaround was to use a Custom Control as input for VB.

Yes, I know. I followed your suggestions and it works – but this way I still have to go to VB and switch modes between IN (to hear the influence of the Offset fader in realtime) and INDEX (to recall saved VB states). What I’m trying to achieve is switching playing with the Offset fader (Loop Start), saving a position and recalling saved states on the fly – all from the top level (Custom Controls).

Sure, sorry. I wanted to take up as little of your time as possible, but figuring out what I want to achieve takes you more time than opening a patch. So here it is. (It’s a Mixer Preset, no sample/buffer attached.)

I’m still learning the ER-301. Thanks a lot!

Loop Start Mod.unit (10.2 KB)

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Have not downloaded the preset yet but I think we now have a solution, with the exception that there’s really no way to switch between hearing VB’s input vs index value without going into the menu options for VB. And VB may be buried down in a subchain somewhere where it’s not convenient to do that. Does that sound right?

If so, that makes sense. I can take a look at the possibility of moving the output = input mode to some kind of a toggle control rather than a menu option. That way it could also be connected up to an external gate control. That would actually be a pretty nice feature I think.


Yes, that sounds right. And a toggle to switch between IN and INDEX (or probably even better: between passing through the input and outputting the stored index CV in INDEX mode) would be the solution to this puzzle. Would be a great addition. Thanks!

Pardon the noob question, but I’m not seeing the Accents units anywhere in the Category view, only in the A-to-Z view. I unzipped them into \ER-301\libs\Accents (I tried just \ER-301\libs first). Did I skip a step somewhere?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: okay nevermind, it looks like they show up in the categories now that I’ve loaded one from the A-to-Z view.

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Welcome to your ER-301 :smiley:

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Glad you got it sorted, and congrats on your 301!

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