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Some new Units to share

Yep, still figuring it out but I think I should be able to get it working. I was thinking it would pair really well with arpeggiators.

These are nice, I quickly “hacked” a sine and triangle version of it. It does not make too much sense to have the filter on the sine version but since I just stole your thing, I kept it.
Also, would be nice to have a SingleCycle Version of it as well, I am just not so sure how to integrate the scan parameter since I only stumbled around in lua while trying to do stuff on the monome norns but would never say I know what I am doing.SineSynth.zip (7.8 KB) TriangleSynth.zip (8.0 KB)

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Nice, I was thinking of adding those at some point. You should share over in the main thread: Polyphonic Synthesizer | Custom Unit

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Hello. I cant seem to load these units. I copy the files to my sd card at the location you said but nothing there. I have formatted the card again but still nothing.
I can see the accents folder but there seems to be nothing showing when the card is in the ER 301. Any ideas?

You should have at least these two folders with these exact names:


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply. I know what I did wrong now. I didn’t change the Accents Master folder to Accents. All working now. Thankyou

I’ve alway asked, asked and asked about anything in this forum …
So now i would love to share some Custom Units with you!

Latin Drum (drum synth 13%cpu)
Glitchverb (grainy,glitchy stereo reverb/delay 8%cpu)
Ducker (pseudo sidechain forgot%cpu)

Of course these Units are not supposed to be indispensables for the users here in the forum, or maybe complex or never covered or created for the most of you, but they’re a kind of indispensables for me and i’m happy to share it with you and i hope you enjoy them as i enjoyed and learned something about ER301 from Custom Units by other users!

I hope i’ve uploaded everything in the right way.
For the drum synth there is a subfolder with 16 simple wavetables which i’ve done for Latin Drum (the Unit will upload the waves that were inside at the moment of the saving i guess??).
There is a short Readme PDF in the directory for those who download the Units as i don’t want to write too much here on the page.
Let me know if everything it’s ok and if you like it or not and give me any kind of feedback if you want, cheers!

l l e i c a m u n Units.zip (48.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to checking them out!

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Is the Voltage Bank supposed to save the populated index values?

In my quick tests just now it loses its values when loaded via quicksave or as a preset, but of course I might be missing something.

Running firmware v0.5.01

I thought it did but will have to double check.

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Thanks for sharing this!
I´m using the Latin Drum but i´m only able to use one waveform at a time. I can´t get to work the Timbre parameter. The Latin Drum Waves folder must be located in some specific route?

Hey @Garz, you can locate the waves wherever you want.

Then go down one layer in the LatinDrum Custom Unit to find the Single Cycle Osc, click on it and by the config. menu Select from card upload the waveforms i gave you from the directory you chosen for them before, using the function Enable Multi/Select All to create the samplechain.

After this procedure, if you save the Custom Unit overwriting it with the same name, you will be able to find the waveforms in place as default for LatinDrum.

Of course you can use other waveforms of your choice if you have some others!
If you like to create other samplechains to fill LatinDrum whenever you want, do this procedure instead:



Thanks!! I didnt know about this feature. Very useful!

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Just wanted to say thanks for looking into this (I saw the activity in the other thread) and thanks @odevices for the recent s&h fix that addresses this.


Does the VB save values correctly in the new firmware? Haven’t been in front of my modular for a few days.

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:fireworks: yep :fireworks:


Hey everbody,
The First week with my Er-301 s now over. I really do love that Unit. Like the Workflow etc.
Here is my first Unit to share. Its an 4 VoiceRhodes Thing, hehe.
CPU is 64% :sweat_smile: . Maybe some one can cut some fat away.
The Controls are simple. Get 4 pitch/cv and 4 gates and here u go. They are maped on the front panel.
There are some controls for , wooiuua, Stereospread , Rhodes drive , Decay , release.
Its cool to play Arps with 5 or 7 Notes. Or trigger the same chord on different sequences.
Im always open critic :slight_smile:

Nerdy Lake Rhodes.unit (116.2 KB)
Here is an Video:


It sounds great. I have done some polyphonic stuff with electric piano wavetables/single cycles and it sounded cool but not that much like an electric piano. Looking forward to using it.

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Thanks :), if u use it share some music. Im interested how it sounds in other hands

Sounds great! It might be possible to retrofit this bespoke unit I made with your rhodes techniques with a bit of effort :slight_smile: Polyphonic Synthesizer | Custom Unit

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