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Some new Units to share



Where is that setting? I’ve never even seen it! :thinking:


I’m on ‘holiday’ without the ER-301 (what kinda holiday is that, you say! ) - so it is possible that the most recent firmware just has it on by default. I think it said “Allow Experimental Units”.


I think it’s been removed in the current firmware. Unless I am somehow just managing to miss what’s right in front of me. Looking in Admin->System Settings.

Maybe it was deprecated out when the categories (such as Experimental) were added?


this is genius !! thx a lot to Joe and the all the passionates !!


sorry! got late to this. @Joe made it clear, as usual! best


NEW UNIT: Bespoke Ensemble
NEW UNIT: Bespoke Aliasing Pulse

The Bespoke Ensemble is similar to a chorus effect. When used in a stereo chain, you can select inputs (left, right, sum) and it will create a stereo effect. On mono channel it will produce a mono chorusing effect.

The Bespoke Aliasing Pulse is a pulse oscillator with variable width for PWM.

Both of these units are what I’d call “convenience” units - they could be built with the UI patching language, but this makes it more convenient.

Finally, I’ve moved some of the previous units out out of the “Experimental” category. These new ones are in Experimental. Open to suggestions if you there was a better category than what I chose.

Download is updated in the first post, and Github repo is updated.


great!!! the ensemble sounds lovely!
i noticed the bespoke pulse has a slight offset towards positive. i had the same offset using the clock module as pulse vco in my latest chaos and pll units,only more evident (iirc it was totally in the positive phase). i put a -0.5 offset after the vco and solved it. are there practical reasons not to do it? (and out of curiosity, have you used the clock-hz as a starting point as well?)


Actually I noticed that while I was making the video and fixed it before uploading the new lib. It should be centered now. But thanks- good catch!

This one uses a sine oscillator and bump scanner.


ah wow! interesting method!


These sound great, thanks for posting. The oscillator especially is something I like for big blade runner style synth pad sounds. The ensemble I can imagine makes this osc sound huge with modulation.


Today’s bespoke unit was brought to you by the letters “M” and “Q”, and by the number “7”. :rofl:

NEW UNIT: Flanger


Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units-19-Aug.zip (78.9 KB)

I believe this little library is up to 10 bespoke units now. Crazy, huh?


Wonderful resource, thanks so much for your generosity @Joe.


You are welcome! I’m enjoying building these, as well as sharing them so the community can get some use out of them too. The 301 is such a cool platform for learning about DSP, and the units all come out voltage controllable as a bonus! All win :smiley:


Luvely sound on the demo,cant wait to test it!


I just want to pop in and thank you again for these bespoke units. They are the bread and butter of every patch I make, so convenient! Personally, I think this sort of modularity is the way to go for the ER-301. Just because anyone can easily patch a ‘random pingable thingy’ together doesn’t mean you need to go through that every single time and have all those sub-units clutter up your patch! Thanks @Joe!!!

P.S. By the way that git repository rocks. I don’t even need to download and replace and look for the right folders anymore :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yeah hats off to you, @Joe! sharing is caring, you’re definitely clocking up stacks of modular karma :slight_smile:


Yes, I just want to chime in also and say a big thankyou also - @Joe these are pretty much in every patch


I really appreciate the positive feedback and encouragement. In addition to the satisfaction of building these bespoke units, it’s deeply satisfying for me to know that they are getting used and enhancing others’ ER-301 experience. So… let’s keep the library going! :slight_smile:

ENHANCED: Compare unit’s threshold control now goes from -1.0 to 1.0
ENHANCED: Bespoke Aliasing Pulse- added sync input to reset it (probably most useful when using this unit for CV)
NEW UNIT: Carousel Clock Divider

Direct Download: Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units-04-Sep.zip (36.0 KB)
GitHub Repo

Carousel Clock Divider

This unit contains four internal clock dividers. Place a clock input in front of it. You can cycle through which divided clock signal is sent to the output by triggering the rotate input.

d1-d4 set the clock division for each divider
size sets how many of the clock dividers will be included in the rotation.
reset resets the count (useful for syncing more than one Carousel Clock Divider unit)


And as always, thank you @odevices for providing such a rich playground that encourages development!


great concept on the CCD! this is something i often do with Tempi (gate to mod input) but having the opportunity to do it in the box is great and might spare me a lot of Tempi channels| thank you @Joe as usual!!!


I was initially concerned that this might require too much CPU to make it worth using very much on the 301. But it actually is pretty lightweight- only 2-3% per instance. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but I imagine there’s some good fun to be had here using this in conjunction with the clocked sample player units.