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Some new Units to share




Q01.save is the most recent save in the slot, Q04.save contains the quicksave from 3 saves ago.


Everything you did is correct except the quicksave screen only sees Q01.save in each slot. So rename it to Q01.save.


Thanks a lot, it worked! Learning a little more day by day…


Ahh in that case have uploaded wrong one, sorry, will sort


here are all four Qsaves, had thought biggest number slot3.zip (13.5 KB)
was newest, sorry.


Whoa, I had no idea we had a quicksave history! Is that new or did I just miss it before? Makes me wonder if there will be a history view in the UI someday, but I won’t ask. :bowing_man:


Thanks, but why four? One Quicksave saves the state of all four channels.


I believe the quicksaves are different versions of it, just thought I’d put them all up. Evolution of the patch. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see. Thanks!


I said I would make a video for those who wanted to change the categories on these bespoke units to meet their preferences. This is that video! I’m just going to leave it unlisted on youtube, so this will be the only link to it. Feel free to ask questions if anything’s unclear.

EDIT: I demonstrated how to eliminate a unit by commenting it out. I’m not sure I’d actually recommend that. The reason is that down the line, if someone builds a custom unit that you want to try, and it uses that unit, then it will fail to load it, and much confusion will follow. :slight_smile: So if there’s a unit you want to not see, maybe just stick it in a category called “Unused” or something so that it floats to the bottom.


NEW UNIT: Octave CV Shifter

For @cosmicsoundexplorer. Hope this makes your octave shift knob dreams come true!

No video for this one. Just basically drop the Octave CV Shifter unit into your chain directly after your V/Oct CV source, hook the octave control up to some offset generator knob in your case, set gain appropriately, and octave shift away.

Download: Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units-09-Oct.zip (26.0 KB)
Github: https://github.com/SuperNiCd/Joe-s-Bespoke-ER-301-Units

PS - @odevices, the edit link on the first post seems to have disappeared for me, so I can’t replace the lib download link in that post. Do they lock for editing after a certain number of days?


How about now?


That did the trick, thanks! :slight_smile:


Joe you are AMAZING!!!
Thank you soooo much :sparkles::pray::sparkles:
Just gotta wait 4hrs till I can get infront of my 301 and test it out.
So excited! Thanks again.


<3 !!!


it works a charme!
wonderful work as usual @Joe !!!
very very useful and thanks to @cosmicsoundexplorer for comin’up with this simple but very effective idea! will post a snippet in a moment.


here it is. check description for patch notes.
octave shifter on the “lead” melody (phase modulation synth voice from the 301, which is also doing all the drums from homemade samples from my modular rig,oh and there is my new love, exact convolution on snare…)


Nice one @hyena!

I built this because it sounded easy to do in the middle layer. After having played with it a bit, it’s actually more fun/useful than I originally thought it might be. So, yes, cheers to @cosmicsoundexplorer for a neat idea!



@Joe has his own permanent category in the menu system! :smiley:



@Joe I played all night with the the new unit. IT IS AMAZING!
Totally what I was trying to achieve, it will be in all my patches.
Thank you again!

I do have another idea that’s along the same lines and would be as useful and fun. Maybe there is an easy way to do it already but I can’t figure it out.
So while octave shifting is happening I also love to mess with the speed of the sample players to create half speed or double speed etc… building up a few channels at different ratios create amazingly musical results.
I was thinking if there was a way or a unit similar to the octave shifter that could be placed in the speed parameter of a player that would output -3000,-2000,-1500, -1000, -750, -500, -250, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000. The negative values gets you the reverse versions.
When used together you can create full pieces from a simple melody line.
Normally I would have several players sharing a buffer and my voltage block controlling the levels to play the different speeds but having the unit would allow me to have one player and jump to all the values manually or modulated. Super fun!
It’s great to have complete freedom over the speed but having a simple unit to “lock” onto the musical values would be fantastic.


I might be able to build it… I think it would be a more complex build. i ultimately did have to patch a grid quantizer object into this patch to get it to quantize when fed a continuous CV signal (vs. just moving the control with the encoder knob). That was still straightforward since the octaves are distributed evenly linearly (1 quantizer, grid size 10). But this “speed” number series is less evenly distributed.

On a variable speed player controlling the speed this way would be pitch transposition, right?
Why are values of 250 and 1000 interesting musical values but 1250 isn’t?

On a grain player, controlling the speed this way wouldn’t transpose pitch, but then this particular number series strikes me as being less musically magical.

Not saying this wouldn’t be interesting/valuable. Just trying to understand it a bit better. Not sure I get it yet. :slight_smile: