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Some new Units to share



Thanks so much @Bparticle and @odevices! Now all I need to do is tidy up the repo. :slight_smile:


Hey Joe, I followed instructions and they’re not showing up. Put the .zip in the libs folder and unzipped it. Was there another step?


That’s pretty much it. Can you confirm you have this path on your SD card


and that the folder contains an init.lua file (along with a bunch of other .lua files)?


yezzir, confirmed. I also tried rebooting :grinning:


I’m not really sure, @pico. I think @Unity2k reported a similar problem early on. If I recall, he backed up, reformatted, and restored the SD card, and that fixed it. So you might try that, though I have no idea why it would be necessary. Other than that, we may have to ask @odevices for some help troubleshooting. There really aren’t any more steps - it should be simple.


i can try that. what formatting do i use on the card? Hey Brian do you have any suggestions? @odevices I tried deleting the folder and putting it on afresh and still it doesn’t show up under experimental units.


I would use the ER-301 to format it. Flip the switch to Admin and go into Card Console.

By the way, only 1 or 2 of these units are in the Experimental category now. Most of them have been moved to a more appropriate category. Don’t suppose the problem is you’re just looking in the wrong place for them?


You said they aren’t showing up under Experimental, do you see a “Bump Scanner” under Mapping and Control?


Bump Scanner is a builtin, not bespoke. :slight_smile:


Okay, so I should have chosen Bespoke Aliasing Pulse that is under Oscillators instead of Experimental.

Point being that all of your work is not listed on Experimental…


Yeah, they kind of blend in now. :slight_smile:


Dude thank you!! They are there after all. I was looking under the experimental category for everything as in a previous post. So hard to keep up with each and every post on here.

Thanks @Joe ! Looking forward to trying them out.


Glad you got it going! And sorry for the confusion. I’ll try to make some more updates to the first post to try to clarify things for people who weren’t following from the start. Things do move fast here. :wink:


Maybe part of the problem is that @NeilParfitt guy has been slacking on making tutorials. Not to downplay your video work @Joe because I love them too, even the ones I have serious difficulty following.


I get a ton out of Neil’s videos too. Maybe he’ll be inspired to make a 0.4 series!


I know I’m such a slacker!! Ahhh!!!

I’m 3 weeks out before a long running contract is over. Then… they shall come!


I do want to make an up to date defacto 301 manual - but I think that should be for the final 0.3.x stable release.

I do want to do a .4 but feel like it’s too early.



I know that only Brian can decide if it’s too early in the .4 cycle, but my guess is that with this current release and focusing on the basics for a new series that you wouldn’t see any dramatically fundamental changes to the core at this point. That’s just my poor intuition though.


If you make it for 0.4, it’ll be up to date for a little longer…,


Awesome work Joe! Loving these units and so good to see bespoke ones made in Lua here already!