Something comparable to max's Playlist object?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here, I’ve been quietly reading through the posts on here and watching @NeilParfitt and @joe brilliant videos whilst waiting for my unit to arrive.

My 301 arrived yesterday and I’m blown away by the build quality and just how great a module it is! thanks

there are a few initial thoughts / requests:

Something I find I use a lot with Max msp is the playlist object, the ability to have maybe 8 audio files pre prepared in a list that I can play in between patches to give myself a few minutes whilst preparing the next patch.
Wondering if anyone else would find a similar unit useful?
Behaviour wise I would like one gate to sequentially trigger the audio files, although a global player option to randomise play order could also have it’s uses. the songs would then one shot play and stop and then cue the next track. it would also be useful to see how long is left on the file as it plays.

There’s probably ways of using maybe a bump scanner, or individually loading the tracks one after the other after each section - I guess this is the part I’m unsure of as it’s still early days for me.

It would be advantageous not to have to load all of these tracks into the sample pool, reading straight from the card would be preferred (i guess, again let me know if this is not the case).

  1. On a custom unit is there a way to hot key from a faders current state to -infinity and then back. kind of like the mute feature in a mixer? this has caught me out a couple of times already

  2. last one (for now) is there a way to generate triggers from the end stages of an envelope? so end of rise, end of decay, end of cycle. this would be great for internal self generative stuff.

Thanks all

look forward to seeing how deep this rabbit hole is!

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  1. Right now the Card Player unit seems like it would come close to meeting your wishes.

You can set it to 1-shot mode (rather than loop) in the unit menu. It only points to one file at a time but you could put all the files in the same folder and then if you go load to load a new one, it should still be pointing to that folder for easy selection, I think. It’s not quite as automated as “press gate button for next” but it should be a pretty quick operation.

  1. You can create a toggle control. Then put a Linear Bipolar VCA at the very end of your chain. Assign the Linear Bipolar VCA’s gain to that control, and set the gain so that the toggle control being on brings the gain to 1.0, and off brings it to 0.0 (I think the gain here would just be 1.0), assuming we’re actually talking about muting a track.

  2. Not currently, that I know of, though the firmware is still young - at least going by the version number :wink:

Edit: Oh, and welcome, congrats, and thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile:

You could load all the tracks as a multi-sample chain and select them using slice.

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been having a lot of fun with the multi sample chain idea although I think for a live applications loading individual samples into a card player is probably the best cpu wise.

The vca thing was my workaround so good to know i’m on the right track!

Yep, sounds right. You know, they say you can never have too many VCAs.

Nice thing about the er-301 - you don’t really have to worry about running out of them.

“3. last one (for now) is there a way to generate triggers from the end stages of an envelope? so end of rise, end of decay, end of cycle. this would be great for internal self generative stuff

Hoping this will become a feature as well!
Trying to create a whoosh machine and those triggers would be awesome to trigger impacts and what not.