Sp404 inspired multi FX patch idea

I have this idea for realtime multi FX patch on the er301 inspired by the Roland SP404 where you can apply different effects to samples (or live audio) in real time and the different effects all share share the same knobs (cv inputs) to edit the effect.

it will be 6 different effects with two or three cv’able parameters each (same two or three cv ins controlling all 6 effects).

1 lofi/distortion | cv A: s&h clock speed, cv B: overdrive, cv C: filter

2 band pass filter | cv A: cutoff cv B: lfo speed, cv C: lfo depth

3 reverb | cv A: hight pass filter freq, cv B: size

4 delay | cv A: freq, cv B: feedback

5 clocked freeze | cv A: clock division (based on Neil’s Clock Freezer)

6 granular stretch | cv A: size, cv B: position, cv: C freq

it will use 6 gate inputs, one for each effect. and 3 cv inputs total for effect parameters (and clock input for the freezer).

no gate hight : dry signal pass though
if a gate goes high to one of the effect gate inputs, the dry signal mutes and the respective effect unmutes.

more than one of the gate ins go high at once it will simply be a mix of those effects.

Think this could be a good thing to build? And ideas/advice before i start?


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I have been working on some fairly similar patch ideas. I would love to see what you come up with. I am fairly new to the 301 so there are some concepts I still haven’t fully learned yet.
I am basing some of my patch ideas around a pedal and module chain I tend to use. replicating fx from pedals like red panda Tensor, LoFi Junky, Clouds, and syntax error. all into one custom unit. one new improvement I am loving for this stuff is the bands module.

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