Speed value on dub looper

Would be great if you put a speed value on dub looper !

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Why not just assign the same buffer you are using in the dub looper to a sample player which has speed control?

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I think this is a great example of how the ER-301 works… think of things as discrete units that can work together - the sum is greater than the whole :slight_smile:

Oh yes thank you good idea !
but i must use the sample player just for an speed value so more cpu just for one parameter…

Well yes and no, if you had the speed parameter in the dub looper you would still use more CPU - that’s a relatively heavy computationally intensive operation. But yes, there is a slight overhead in using an additional unit, but you also get a lot more flexibility too.

It’s a tradeoff - and I would pick the flexibility every time!

Ok thanks kel
But I want play with speed when dub looper is recording
It’s possible with dub looper un vari speed player ?

Um… not sure I understand…

Whenever there’s something I want to know I just try it, usually get it wrong a few times, but invariably get there in the end. Changing the speed of the playback of a file while it’s recording sounds a bit odd though - nothing can predict the future!

No if you recording cv !

This isn’t that odd of a request. It would be nice to change speed similar to a loop pedal. Recording while reversed/half-speed/double speed are common. There’s no good way to do this yet on ER-301 that I know of.

Pretty sure Brian has said he’s working on it for future iterations of the firmware. Adding this kind of functionality would add a feature set similar to Morphagene/Mannequins w/ or tape based recording.

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Now I am confused, I thought you could do that kind of thing with the dub looper / sample player setup?

You can’t record over your loop at different speeds on the fly.

… it can only record at one speed at a time?

If you’re still confused, I would recommend that you watch a few videos on loopers like the EHX 2880 or Strymon Timeline to understand why you’d want to do speed changes while recording. Things recorded at half speed change octaves when sped back up/etc. There are a lot of creative ways to use this in performance.

No I get it :smiley:

I use this technique a lot - Clouds, Tyme Sefari, W/, no experience of the EHX but have also used the Timeline and yeah it’s great.

… I’m confused over what’s not possible, can’t you do this with the two unit shared buffer setup?

Sorry… trying to understand :blush:

Could you describe how you would reproduce the functionality we’re describing and use it on the fly/live?

Record in the buffer, assign the recorded file to the variable speed unit and record and play back at the same time, adjust speed as you like.

Having this functionality in one custom unit would be awesome!

That work great with a manual loop you can reduce the length of the sample too !
But you lost a fundamental function for me the dub looper dry/wet value

I’ve always had mixed feelings about splitting every new aspect/requirement into a new device. flexibility, yes, but also UX inconvenience when needing a construct of different units. on the other side, there likely would be a long list that could be added to a sampler unit, which would be quite a cpu hog I guess. some way of exposing sample views to the top level of a custom unit might do the trick?