Splitting Patterns

Hi Friends!

I know everyone is super focused and excited about the 301 (me too!) but I have a question about the ER-101.

Is it possible to split a pattern into 2 in the same way you would a step? Imagine if you have a 10-step pattern and that you could split that into two 2 patterns with 5 steps each. Let me know if I am missing something.


Yes, you can do exactly that.

  1. Put the edit cursor on the step that you want to split the pattern on.
  2. Then focus the PATTERN display.
  3. Hold INSERT and use the RIGHT knob to select SPLT and then release the INSERT button.

In another words, it is exactly the same as splitting a step but instead you have the the PATTERN display focused while doing the split.


Thanks you for taking the time to explain, Brian. For some reason I had in my mind that I should use the left encoder. Thanks for clarifying.