Stable releases?

Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, or if i missed the answer somewhere, but how can i tell which firmwares are considered “stable”?

I want to update to the newest stable version which has least known amount of bugs and the most functionality.

I seem to remember some firmwares said to not have some functionality that was in the first firmware too, such as 6 track recorder. Could someone tell me which ones those are too ?

Thank you.

If you click the er-301 page tab it should show firmware releases. Click there for the latest stable version and info on changes. Bleeding edge versions are announced in the forum.

Thanks i was aware of that page, just wasnt sure that v0.1.6p15 was considered stable though as i read of a few bugs reported that did not receive a reply.

Just to be sure, I guess i should assume v0.1.6p15 is most recent stable version though, correct ?

Correct that v0.1.6p15 is most current stable