Start Pattern in sync with other sequencers?

Hey friendly people,

so I worked my way through the ER-101 manual and videos and understood most of it (I guess), but there’s one problem I can’t solve:

My main clock is PNW.
– I’m sending a 4/4 gate from PNW to a percussion module to hear a timing reference.
– I’m sending a 4ppqn clock to the ER-101 clock input. (I’ll use at least 24ppqn later on, but let’s keep it simple for now.)
– I have a 16 step Pattern in the ER-101 and I would like to start it manually – but in sync with the metronome sound, so the Pattern start should “snap” to the metronome. I understood that pressing the Pause button only enables the ER-101 clock input, so the sequence will be in sync with the clock, but not necessarily in sync with my metronome (might be shifted by 1 to 3 pulses).
– So I need to send a separate gate in sync with my metronome to the Reset input of the ER-101, right? But how would that work? If the gate is also 4ppqn it would reset the Pattern every quarter note, which is definitely not what I want. So how could I solve this?

You could use the same gate that you use to start (or sync) your metronome (which we usually call the master clock).


You can also use a clock divider to derive a sync signal from the master clock. In this case pass the metronome (master clock) through a divide-by-64 and feed the result into the ER-101 reset. Keep in mind, you will also need to reset the clock divider if you ever stop and start in the middle. You will also need to educate yourself on the difference between a mathematical clock divider and a musical clock divider. :wink:

None of the above is particular to the ER-101. It’s just how clocks and sequencers work in a modular environment.

Thanks Brian. On PNW you can set multipliers/dividers individually for each clock out, so I can send a /64 gate directly from there, but that’s not what I want.

I set PNW to 10 BPM and monitored the clock signals with the ER-301. What I learned this way is that after releasing the Pause button the Pattern just starts on the next positive clock gate – no matter what I send to the Reset input. My misconception was that the Reset input would “quantize” the start of the pattern. (Just wishful thinking I guess, because “reset” just means, well: “reset”.)

What I would like to achieve is to press the Pause button whenever I want to, shortly before the next metronome beat – so that the Pattern start would snap exactly to the next metronome beat: a Pattern start quantized to a division of the main clock. I’d probably need an external Logic module to make that happen.

So after unpausing, you want the clock to be ignored until the first reset signal (your metronome beat?) – a kind of quantized start function?

ER-102 parts can do quantized starts.
Activate the STOP part (i.e. part zero) to put the ER-101/102 in a paused state.
Use the part ACTIVATION input to cue in a part to be played at the next reset.

Thanks, yes, exactly, that’s what I want. I hoped that ER-102 Parts might be the solution. I’m going to practise a little bit more with the ER-101 until I feel comfortable with it and then I’ll take a deeper look at the ER-102…