Step recording feature request (and a bug with delete...?)

Can we add an alter mode to the step recorder?

So instead of inserting a new step with values sampled from the recording inputs, it would instead update the current step.

I could see this being done as config.ini option:

[Step Recording]

; Assign D-1 and D-2 inputs
; insert - inserts a new note at the edit cursor
; delete - deletes the notes at the edit cursor
; alter - updates the note at the edit cursor
D-1 = insert
D-2 = alter

Other potentially interesting options might be:

; advance - move the edit cursor forward one
; passthrough - route A-1 and A-2 to the armed tracks CV-A and CV-B, use this input as the gate

Bug report: Triggering delete has not effect in step mode.

Steps to reproduce, get insert mode up and working, confirm it by inserting some notes. Then disconnect the cable from D-1 and move to D-2, when D-2 is triggered no deletes occur.

Can anyone else confirm?

(I’ve checked that input is working as I can use it in real time record mode.)

edit: This was on firmware v2.16, just seen v2.18 is available too. Should I try that?

Oops. I totally missed this one.

Bug confirmed and feature request added to the ER-102 Tracker.

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I’ve been thinking about the passthrough option a bit more… and I’ve come up with more questions than answers, which makes me think it’s a bit half-baked as an idea.

  • What’s the workflow for turning it off again?
  • Surely, you’d want it to use the D-1 / insert jack for gate as that’s where you’ve connected your keyboard to.

Anyway, whenever others have asked me for feature additions by describing solutions I always tell them to back up and explain the problem they are trying to solve first.


At the moment, when I’m using the step recorder (my main method of recording), I have my keyboard connected to A-1 and D-1, but often I wish to play with ideas before entering them, so at the moment, I switch to real time recording and move the gate cable from D-1 to AD-1 and push some of the panel buttons.

I’d like to simplify this process. I want to be able to quickly audition melodies from step recording mode.

(only if it’s easy / elegant to do, after all I do have a process for doing it at the moment)

Tangentely real time recording passthrough doesn’t work when the sequencer is paused (as stated in the manual).

Is there a reason for this?