Step repeat?

I wish i could repeat some steps like the Intellijel Metrolopis.

I know the ratcheting function, but the division is too small, well it’s ratcheting. I’m not complaining.
Any chance having it? Like when you turn CW you have ratcheting, and you turn CCW you have steal repeat?

Or any workaround I missed? don’t tell me I can do it with the ER 102 I don’t have…yet!

Many thanks!

Why don’t you just repeat the step by copying it (i.e. focus step and press INSERT)?

Yes I do it this way…meanwhile :smiley:

one of the my questions this morning was how can I accomplish a retrigger, repeat or ratcheting effect with the 101 (not sure which term is accurate). If we have an 8 step pattern, and we want step 4 to retrigger/ratchet at a higher speed, how could we accomplish that? Copying step 4 to steps 5,6,7,8 would be a repeat at the same speed but what if we wanted step 4 to repeat 4 times at x2 speed, or x4 etc.?

one of the things the eloquencer is biting me on is the ratcheting not having a length control. for instance we can get a quick ratchet by using a high bpm and setting it to use the max triplets, but 3 is the max we can ever get. In some cases one might want to ratchet a step to repeat 10 times and adjust the speed for different repeat kind of fx (I did see the clock freezer unit for er-301 which is great).

thanks for any insights

The ER-101 has a ratchet function. See p.24 of the ER-101 manual. The OP was asking how to have a given step play multiple times (without shortening its duration).

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thanks, i’m trying to read through the 101,102, and 103 manuals/wiki all together, i need to slow down :smiley: