Stereo Panning help

I’ve currently got a stereo channel set up to process my Cocoquantus which sends a hard left and right signal. What I’d like to do is to be able to pan each side around. Eg. Bring both to centre, pan R to L and L to R etc. Using the stereo mixer pan control simply fades out the L or R channel and I’ve tried inserting 2 mono mixers but they default to stereo. I’d like to keep the channel stereo if possible as I’ve got another source being sub-mixed in also which remains hard L and R. Also having the following modules (fx etc) visible for both channels at once is preferred as I’d like a universal filter for example.

Best option?


Just use two stereo mixers and set each l/r pair to input the same channel, you can then pan as you wish. Thats how i input my cocoquantus anyways. I further embeddet the two in a 2 band unit with custom volume and pan controls. It’s nice to see both waveforms on the top level :slight_smile:


Excellent. Thanks for your help! I’ll try that next session and I agree re: having the controls/waveforms on top. This will be a performance patch so will definitely suss that out. :+1:

I finally tried this suggestion of yours and I’ve got the panning working nicely. I haven’t tried the custom volume controls but I have been trying to do the custom pan ones with no luck.
I’m pretty sure I’m doing it the right way… I’ve copied my chain, pasted into a new Custom Unit and created a custom control. Now here I chose Linear and assigned it to the input of the Pan control but the custom control doesn’t seem to pan evenly from left to right. There’s all these weird dips and jumps. Any suggestions would be great! I’ll keep trying in the mean time and I’ll give the custom volume controls a shot. This is the first time I’ve tried custom controls for a custom unit so I could be missing something fundamental??


First…i think you are on some ancient firmware were fully customizing your controls was not yet possible. Please check.
When you are on post 0.4 you can edit ALL (well almost…) controls, so if you are unsure with voltage range you need for panning… just check the settings on the pan control of e.g a vca. Then you could also save that control mask on your sd and use it on your top level custom unit to make sure you got the same values.
When it is all set and your still getting erratic dips and jumps there is probably something else modulating that control?

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Thanks for the reply. My firmware is the previous 0.3 as I didn’t want to upgrade before the gig in a weeks time seeing it was ‘beta’. I’ll check out the new firmware next week and have another shot. The patch is very functional as is but it’s always nice to customise fully :slight_smile:

I like the sound of saving a control mask to the SD.

Thanks again.