Stereo panning?

Hi guys, is it possible to have a mixer channel to be panned through the stereo image ?

If you’re working with 2 linked channels (thus in stereo) the mixer channel has 2 controls: gain and panning. Or have I misunderstood your question?

Ok just a quick question … how do I link two channels ?

It’s in the admin section, full instructions here:

Please note the chain clearing behaviour and save your work before switching :wink:

Have fun!!

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That worked, thanks. I didn’t know that the wiki was kinda updated now, been out for a while …

Cool! Yeah, plenty to go at :slight_smile:

Myself and @odevices had a good go at it a month or two ago, it still needs a lot of work, but all in good time!


Sorry about that. I haven’t really found a fool-proof non-spammy way of keeping everybody up-to-date on all developments.

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I for one would enjoy spammy updates from O|D

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@odevices, Brian maybe a low traffic newsletter would work good for that purpose !

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Hey @cfunk, if you don’t want to frequent the forum, I might suggest bookmarking and/or subscribing to these two threads so that you get email notifications on them. I think they would keep you abreast of the new features and bug fixes, as well as major wiki updates.

EDIT: here is one more good place to bookmark. If you encounter a bug you can see if it’s already on Brian’s radar for fixing.


@Joe thanks !