Strange request: Switch shipping dates with me

Hi All,

I wouldn’t usually post something like this but I figured I would just check. I’ve been at my job 5 years, they’ve given me a month long sabbatical that starts the second week of July. My plan is to work on music the entire time which I’m really looking forward to.

I was eagerly awaiting the O|D store to reopen and I purchased all 3 modules as soon as I could. My estimated shipping date it July 16th. Since I’m in the US, I’m not sure I’ll get them before my sabbatical is over. Not the end of the world but would be a shame not to have some dedicated time with them.

First, no pressure here. But if you’re shipping date is a bit before mine, and you don’t mind switching with me, Brian said he’d be cool with that. And no worries, if not.

Either way, I look forward to getting these, diving in, and having something better to post to the forums in not too long.



That’s a great request and I hope someone can help you out.


I don’t have an order in, but if I did I would!

Hope someone steps up :slight_smile:

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Good luck!

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I have the same shipping date, otherwise I’d have been happy to help

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