Streaming from card - Implemented

Streaming from card would be a welcome feature. I would like to use several long-ish lectures as audio sources, and together they overflow the available memory. I tried to compress them to 4-bit IMA ADPCM, so as to be able to fit them, and managed to get them under 100 meg, but ER-301 does not read this format. Yaknow, regular old 4-bit IMA ADPCM. Like everyone uses for playback. :older_woman:

Anyway, yeah, streaming off card would be a delight. :heart_eyes:


For now have you tried the old trick of pitching up the sample first, then loading it into the ER301 then pitching it down to the correct speed?
I haven’t tried this with the 301 yet to see how it sounds but my experience with the 301 so far is that it sounds very very good so I imagine you could speed up the source by quite a lot and then when you pitch it down again it would still sound OK.
As a side note this is a very good technique to come up with interesting sounds, especially those with reverb, when the sample is pitched back down again the reverb can take on a magical quality


did this mean when you pitch a Audio file higher it takes lesser memory to save ??

I think what sunshinelover is saying is that if you pitch up a sample the length of the audio file will be shorter and the file size will be smaller. Pitch it back down (in the ER-301) by the same factor and you will end up with the original pitch, but with a smaller file size.

And less flexibility of course!!

Trying to work this out in my head and it must mean there is a lower effective bit rate too, someone who is more awake than I am could perhaps confirm this?

Still, it’s a neat trick if you really want longer samples in there :slight_smile:

Radio Music Thing is perfect for longer samples and my preference. I thought I might ditch mine when I got the ER-301 but they are still very useful and quite different to the ER-301.

Yes, simply speed (pitch up) the sample and then pitch down by the same amount after you have loaded it into the 301.
But make sure that you are speeding the sample up not pitch shifting it where the tempo stays the same but the pitch changes.
This was a popular technique with the early generation of affordable samples - SP12 / 1200 / Akai S900 /950 etc… where you speed up the record to 45 when sampling to increase the sample time.

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And yes you will get a lower bit rate, but depending on what you are doing (and how far you change the pitch) it can really enhance the sample, usually bringing out the top end (and crunch - try it with snare drum samples :wink: )and making the sample cut through a mix with less EQ

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