Sudden reboot while using Grain Stretch

Today my ER301 has turned off 3 times while i was using the grain stretch.
While i’m modulating the duration and the jitter parameters with the same cv from one channel of a zadar, seems as soon as i try to modulate the jitter with the zadar inverting the cv from the internal 301 fader, the module goes off immediately or after a few seconds of tweaking …
i uploaded a quick video on youtube, maybe it can help, so sorry it’s upside down …


The video is private.

Ouch… Now it should be public.

The first thing I would check is that the power cable is seated firmly in the back of the 301. I had intermittent resets when i first got mine until I realised the cable was only just in place which caused the 301 to occasionally reset when i touched the jog wheel.

In that particular video the module takes a few seconds to goes off, but the other times, as soon as i put the modulation index of the jitter negatively the module goes off, without the need of touching the encoder.
About the situation of the ribbon cables under the modules throughout the case, i could say that it’s a little bit of a mess, because of the height of the skiff and the length/number of the module’s ribbon cables, but the power cable of the 301 seems to be ok.
As soon as i have the chance to try the module in my other cases i will do it, thanks.

To confirm, you only get these sudden reboots when manipulating the jitter parameter on Grain Stretch?

Not exactly… I’ve done a few more attempts and the 301 goes off only if i modulate Duration and Jitter with the Zadar, Jitter inverted, and seems the problem occurred only if the modulation source pulls out 10v. I tried to modulate the two parameters on the 301 with other sources like an o_C and a Landscape Allflesh and the module didn’t goes off, not even if i modulate only the Jitter, i have to modulate Duration&Jitter(jitter negatively) in combo to achieve the issue. I’ll try with another case and powering in the next few hours.

Ok, i tried the same patch/steps on an Intellijel case and as i though and hope no reboot happened…
It would be nice to figure out why, of course the reasons could be many in terms of little details and modules involved.
I had not running out of power, i had a large free range of mA…
I’m curious :slight_smile:

Are you sure that nothing is shorting inside your case? What kind of clearance do you have?

Every time i put the modules in my Fraptools skiff that is sooo low, i have to figure out how to make space under the hood for all those ribbon cables, and i always marvel at myself that in some way
the modules can stay together in the configuration i want, or something like that …
I would just say that sometimes, just like the last time in which i found the problem of the reboot, the ribbon cables could be a little bit too much pressed among them, but not under the 301 and not even under the Zadar i think.
It could be this anyway?

And i’m sorry for my ignorance, what you mean for ‘clearance’ in this particular case?

By clearance I mean extra space between the exposed circuits on the back of the ER-301 and any object in side your case such as cables and power circuitry. You can’t have the space behind a module (especially a warm module like the ER-301) fully packed with cables and power circuitry because:

  1. You increase the chance of shorts (especially in the presence of the exposed leads of flying cables).
  2. You increase the chance of physically damaging the electrical components via pressure/vibration.
  3. There is no chance for air to dissipate heat.

You can make a shallow skiff work but you have to take extra care to avoid these problems.


Ok thanks for clarifying, so that is exactly what I hoped would not happen.
I hope i didn’t damaged anything, as i tried few times the procedure in order to reproduce the reboot.
Anyway i’m pretty sure there was no pressure under the 301, as it is the most left module and the ‘pressure issue’ happens over the right side of the skiff, where the modules they’re getting closer and closer to the uzeus connectors

I feel sick right now… :expressionless:
I’ll take much more care next time.

Just a last thing… the photo you’ve posted leaves no room for imagery of course, so the question is:
Is there no situation where flying cables can be used in a swallow case, in order to avoid these problems?
I could diy some ribbon cables making these very short maybe, to reduce/remove the pressure over the components?

I want really to tank you a lot for your effort, even in these situations, that are not directly connected to your module of course,
Thank you.

The main risk with flying cables is the exposed leads that are free to move around and quite possible short power or ground to something on the back of a module. The solution is to plug up any unused sockets with a female DIN connector, or, cover up the exposed leads with tape.

Since your case is 43mm deep and the top of the CPU board on the ER-301 is about 25mm from the back of the faceplate, it would seem that you have about 20mm of air behind your ER-301. That’s probably enough as long as it is not full of cables. One ribbon cable running through that 20mm space is probably OK but not more. The CPU board does generate a fair amount of heat.

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