Suggestion for using gates with looper

Hey Brian

It would be incredibly lovely with the possibility of using the looper with a gate (on while up and off when zero) for punch and engage, as an option instead of being limited to triggers. That way it would be much easier to incorporate in a lot of different scenarios as it’s very difficult to get visual feedback for on/off states without an external switch module etc.

I don’t know how far away you are with the new “pedal looper”, but I’m certainly looking forward to that one aswell!


I agree that this would be a super valuable option with the current looper and with the ‘pedal looper’ if it surfaces. My current workaround is to use Monome Walk since the toggle light stays on after the momentary output is released (discussed this in the interfaces thread).


That would be awesome.
For some applications i found that delaying the trigger could “automate” the toggling, but that won’t suite every scenarios.