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Super slow modulation?


Hi! Curious if it’s possible to create super slow - 5 min or longer lfo’s within the 301?

Thank you.


Set the oscillator frequency to 1/(5min * 60sec/min) = 0.00333Hz or lower.




And while I have you, to attenuate an lfo - do I use a limiter or a linear vca?



Not needed. There is a built-in VCA on the output of all oscillators called ‘level’.


Thanks! Guess I’m just having trouble wresting the gain vs bias mainly.


Gain and bias are operating on the modulation of the parameter. If there is no modulation then bias equals the value of the parameter and gain has no effect:

Parameter Value (i.e. level) = Gain * Modulation + Bias

(*) Here modulation refers to the signal coming from a sub-chain to modulate a parameter, NOT the output of unit.

By the way, you should already be very familiar with this arrangement. Bias is the same as the CV knobs on your real modules, while Gain is the attenuverter knob (if included). For example:

(Image Reference: https://mutable-instruments.net/modules/plaits/)

(Image Reference: http://www.doepfer.de/a1832.htm)


Ugh youre amazing as always thanks!


Reading this thread has stimulated me to explore how to create super slow random modulation a la the Sloths trilogy of slow-moving modulators … I imagine it wouldn’t be all that hard with the 301!


Pls share details!