Support of scala files

i know this has already been mentioned on muffs and i suppose
it’s in the book of work but i wanted to express my wish for this
here too! fabulous forum btw!


Would be great indeed!

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+1 - please!!

thanks brian!

This is now available in v2.17:


incredible, thanks so much for this brian!!!

This is amazing!!!

best modular manufacturer in the game in terms of community feedback integration imo. thanks brian!!

hm, something is odd with the scala import. i imported around 20 scala files into the tables directory and i deleted every existing scale. i then realized that the module creates some needed tables itself but when scrolling through the tables this : E-15 comes up quite often, is this an error message?
because when scrolling back and forth it doesn’t flash up again but a few scales later it’s again this E-15 message…? could it be that it has problems with some scala files or it needs long to load them?

here’s a short video of how it looks when scrolling:

and here’s a screenshot of my tables directory:

it seems that some scales don’t appear and the order seems weird too?

Yes. E-15 is an error message. It means “Parse Error”.

Here is the list of error messages:

#define ERR_LOAD 10
#define ERR_SAVE 11
#define ERR_MEMTEST 12
#define ERR_META_LOAD 13
#define ERR_META_SAVE 13
#define ERR_PARSE 15
#define ERR_OPEN 16

If you zip up your scala files and put them here, I can have a look at why some are not parsing correctly.

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here you go: (27.9 KB)

maybe it’s the CENA, CENB, quite a bit bigger than the rest…

thanks brian!

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Thank you. There are some scala files in that group that have extremely long lines as well as some blank lines after the scale data. I’ve altered the the parsing algo to just stop reading the file once it has read the scale entries.

Could you give this patched firmware v2.18 a try please? It worked for me after the fix but you have a knack for breaking things. :sweat_smile:
f2_18.bin (159.1 KB)

The weird scroll order…
The scroll order of the scales is actually in the order in which the files were created on the SD card. It all has to do with how directory information is stored in FAT32. I know alphabetical would be nice but that is (believe it or not) actually quite complicated to do given that the whole procedure can’t use more than 1k or 2k of RAM and not cause lots of SD card reads. In other words, I need more time to think about it. :thinking:

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haha, i’m terribly sorry brian :blush:

ok, i will try later today.
about the order, does that mean i could just delete every table on the card and then replace one by one in the order i would like to see on the 101 or is it something internally in the 102 that just creates this “random” order?

as always, many many thanks brian! :pray:

Yes, exactly.

Not internal to the ER-102. It is governed by the order in which the data is written to the card. The ER-102 is just reading the directory data on the SD card sequentially (which is all you can do in FAT32 as far as I know).

That’s interesting… perhaps format the card and then re-adding your files in the order you want them would work?

great brian, everything works flawless now and indeed the copying of the scales one after the other works well! thanks

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