Suppose I offered only one panel type

Which would you prefer?

  • Original Flavor (black graphics on gray, coated steel)
  • Nostalgia (white graphics on gray, coated steel)
  • People’s Choice (black graphics on metalphoto, aluminum)
  • 5U Envy (white graphics on black, coated steel)

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I voted nostalgia, but like original too. Its the grey coated steel that I think looks great.

That said, I have the full O|D lineup already so I’m not really impacted.

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i agree with @ljw, the grey with the blue, grey and red buttons is absolutely iconic, you should win a design price for your modules anyway! i voted nostalgia but yeah, original is fine too :slight_smile:

Tbh I would love to see Brian’s take on black panels. I love Nostslgia but if OD ever decides to make them in black I hope he’ll have enough extras to sell individually

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true, there’s a small cottage industry with the black panels!

Nostalgia all day long. There’s something special about this one imo. Great choice of colors.


My modules are Nostalgia only. I ordered them like this because for me Nostalgia very much resembles older professional Sony equipment. It is the most humble and professional design to my eyes.
But no matter what… the basic design like it is is iconic already. I recently had to order some switches (broke mine) and thought to pack with my order some extra buttons in different colors, just in case. In the end I skipped those, Brian’s selection is nothing that could be topped)))

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I’m fully into Nostalgia too. White on grey is just so pleasing!

Always loved the nostalgia

Oh wow! The initial voting when I first voted did not seem like Nostalgia was going to factor in. Happy to see that has changed. I love the Nostalgia faceplates as well. All of my OD modules use it, @ljw I already have the full line up and wont be too affected.

Yes, white on grey looks nice - I just find it a bit hard to read compared to the original flavour. Of course the powder coated base itself is very iconic. I can not imagine anyone skipping the O|D modules due to favouring aluminium flavour over the classy grey lab steel. Don’t see the appeal of black eurorack modules either but then I do not need to envy 5U.

This would be really good (in my case with OF panels). I have both 301 and 101 in OF, The only one I’m missing is the er-102 and it would be a pity if it would be different from the others.

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Nostalgia, because of the strong AGC vibe. I always feel like i’m going to the moon with the ER-301 !


Voted for Nostalgia because that’s my favorite looking one… I mean that’s the one I’d pick if I had the opportunity to buy one. Never down with paying the premiums people are trying to get on the used market.

My favorite by far is Original Flavor, but People’s Choice is a somewhat distant second choice. I really hope the original flavor option doesn’t disappear by the time I can get one!

Nostalgia by FAR

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Actually I’m not sure if it’s fair to do people’s choice since original and nostalgia flavors are very closed one to each other. They should count together over the third option that IMO has less character. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nostalgia… 100%


Nostalgia for sure. Classic and timeless design. :black_heart:

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Please do a black with the gray buttons!