Sweet sixteen to er301 and disting ex

I am so happy to be part of this group!
I have a sweet 16 and want to control 2 or more devices through i2c.
how do I approach this challenge?
is there a splitter or hub or… that I can use?

thanks again for the support

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I’d start over here:

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thanks for the direction I am new to this protocol …


One option is to use a Teletype as the i2c leader, and the 301, Disting EX, and sweet16 as followers. Might not be the option you’re looking for if you don’t already have a teletype, but I think it would give you the most control.

Not only could you choose which faders affect which device, but you could also translate them to send specific ranges, have one fader affect more than one device - a whole world of things are possible.

It would require some study of teletype, though. You’d need to write scripts to control how the devices interact with each other. It’s not difficult but it does have some up front learning curve.

Thanks for the reply!
If possible I would rather not invest in a teletype if I can help it… With that said I will start looking at how to program this device…
more study!

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