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Swipe - Custom Unit for Whooshes SFX


I’m not seeing ABC in process… it’s in SAMPLES?

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Yes Lance thank you for the correction, I’ve updated the description.



The build of this is impressive! But I can’t get it to work as demo’d! Any chance of a step by step how to Load samples correctly?




Thanks :slight_smile:
Of course:


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F*** this is so awesome!

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Very nice - I think I actually have a copy of that reaktor ensemble, it was called SWOOSH wasn’t it? Very cool that you’ve created something similar with the er-301, I can already think of a few ways to use this. Will have to check this out tonight, thanks for sharing!


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Hey Yipsi, no mine was a similar one that had some other new features that were later added to that Whoosh plugin too: granular scrubbing and manual swipe to name a couple.

You might want to wait a couple of days, I am updating it this weekend with new features :wink:



i’m gonna try it now, from the demos it sounds incredibly good and super useful for sound design! 301 confirms itself to be one of the most amazing environments for sound exploration outside a computer!

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Thanks Hyena :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes!

Some users reported that the Scanners (under the Control section) are still not loading automatically the .wav associated with them if that happens please populate WinLin (with Window_R_Linear.wav) and WinExp (with Window_R_Exp2.wav).
Also if you have any tips on how to lower the CPU please let me know!

I strongly suggest using the 48kHz firmware for this.

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sorry, im stupid. first i was using it mono and with too short samples hence some quirks.
then i loaded up in a stereo chain with longer loops and it now works great.
still have to load up the scanners tho

anyway, this is really SUPERB! high cpu load, ok, but i see it as something for studio work rather than to use live. plus we can even record a swoosh internally and then use the sample in our live work :slight_smile:

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Thank you Hyena :slight_smile: Much appreciated.
I will fix that issue (again…) and add a couple of new features and of course more CPU load :scream:

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Zeta, thanks for the heads up man! I’ll hold until the update (now I’m really excited!!!). Cheers.




New version at the start of the thread :wink:
Tonight/Tomorrow I will post a new video to show the features!



whoaaah! lotta new intriguing features! can’t wait to try the impact and live input!!! thanks!!!

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hello Zeta
you wrote the Unit Cpu Load is about 70% at 48khz 4.11,
when i load the Unit with no other Units at other Channels at all its still unusable, the lag so high every Encoder turn or button press react after 5-8 seconds, and CPU load is about 95% even when nothing is patched to trigger the Unit or other action. this seems not normal. Any ideas ?

@odevices i have noticed this with other Units that shared here too and i am wondering did you upgrade the CPU between the hardware Revision of the boards ?
On the 301 Webside is written hardware is revision 10, and as i am one of the first buyers i think mine must be 1 .



Just curious if you’re using the standard or low latency version? I assume the low latency version is more CPU intensive.



Definitely no CPU upgrade… everyone would be going crazy if this had happened :wink:

There’s something else going on!



ha good hint, i could swear i am on normal version but forget to switch back after testing low latency version.
Works normal on this one.




I would never make such a huge revision silently :open_mouth:

Here is a list of all revisions so far:




Glad you worked it out :wink: