Switchable waveform LFO

I’ve been searching but have not found this:

an LFO unit that can switch easily between (not morphing through) waveforms, with controls for frequency and bias.

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You could use a variable speed player with the various waves as slices.

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You can certainly build a unit like that relatively easily. Some mixers for the various oscillators with vcas that you can assign to controls to decide what is being output.

Using a container and bump scanner would work

Load the Single Cycle unit with your desired waveforms and modulate the ‘scan’ parameter to switch.

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additionally and in order to

you’d feed @odevices solution with staircase functions into the scan parameter
which will facilitate sudden jumps between the waveforms.

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For a slightly easier solution you can use a variable speed player and load multiple waves in the same way you would with single cycle. When you load multiple they automatically slice between each file. You can then use the slice control to choose which wave to output.

Just wondering whether the single cycle unit will do the same to a collection of unipolar envelopes?
I’m almost sure the variable speed player will do.

The single cycle unit should take less CPU overhead - and there’s zero prepwork beyond having a looping waveform.

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Good point. Especially when you plan to plant several of those in global chains :slight_smile: