SYNC message on startup


I moved my 101/102 combo to another rack, and made sure that everything was probably plugged. The modules turn on, but my 102 displays a “SYNC” message (following a “F212” message on startup) after a few seconds, and does not seem to be able to sync with the 101. Any idea what could cause the issue?


I’m running into this as well. Very mystifying. I’m on latest firmware on both the 101 and 102. Any help appreciated.

None of the buttons or LEDs seem to respond.

So first I would check that the expansion cable is connected properly between the ER-101 and ER-102.

From the ER-102 manual:

If everything is indeed connected properly then it is possible that the ER-102 interface circuitry has been damaged by accidentally connecting the expansion port to the power bus. If this was indeed the case, then you will need to send both your ER-101 and ER-102 back to me for repairs.

Thanks for the quick response Brian. It’s properly connected yeah. It’s definitely possible that I didn’t plug it properly in the first place :frowning:

Any other ideas? I have the exact same issue but my er 101 works fine if not connected to the 102. I’ve tried a different cable as well.

Unfortunately, based on what you have told me so far, I would give same response as above.

@Zenko I’ll pm you the info for repair shipping.

Ack. Since someone reported the same issue almost at the same time I was hoping it was a known issue with an easy fix. Am I able to get this one repaired (for a fee since I’m not the original owner)? I’m located in the USA.

Thanks Brian, sounds good.

For what it’s worth, I was able to also recreate this issue by accidentally leaving my er101 switched to USB after an attempted firmware upgrade.

Ensuring the switch made it back to REG made the SYNC warning go away.

Just thought I’d share if anyone else stumbles onto this issue.