Syncable / clocked timestretch with CV over start / end loop?

Is this possible?

Would be awesome to sync and stretch a sample with any tempo on the fly (without pitch change) and also simultaneously be able to CV start / end loops.

but so you’ll end up with stepped length values when you send those cvs if you want it under clock…


Instead of CV over start / end loop I meant CV over slicing quantized markers (which would be multiplied / divisions of synced clock)

If you can get the pitch shifting math to match up with your playback length math, it may be possible to accomplish right now…

Well yea, but the idea is having a nice unit that does the math automatically so you can change tempos on the fly and sync to external clocks etc

Has anyone done an app in 6 that can pull this off ? Beers on me if so :slight_smile: