Synthrotek power lunch for er 301?

I plan to buy a power lunch ( to have a small portable rack.
Anything known about the power? Anyone has problem with the er301?

I have a Power Lunch case, but am currently waiting on the arrival of my ER-301, my ship date is early February. Currently Clouds and Peaks, two digital module, are running just fine in the case. Going by ST’s site for the power specs, you shouldn’t have any problems.

I can report back in Feb to let you know.

Power is supposedly great, but i have issues (still unsolved) with the pulplogic output tile.

I received my powerlunch yesterday ! For my er-301 and an Mxmxmx temps utile…
The power is 1A +12v 0.5A-12v 1.5A +5v
I’ve not yet 1u tile what is the problem @chapelierfou ?