Tasty Chips GR-1

Anyone here own both the ER-301 and a Tasty Chips GR-1?

How do you find the GR-1, and how possible would it be to emulate something similar on the ER-301?

I see Schneidersladen has the GR-1 in stock, and it’s very tempting…

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Yes I have both. Replicating the GR-1 in the 301 would be really simple in terms of functionality… but… its the big screen and knobs that make it special. It feels like an instrument and is really inspirational to use.

The actual granular functionality of the GR-1 is pretty standard to be honest. There are only 2 LFOs which is way too few for what you really need.

In closing, it is functionally not as good as the 301 manual grains but a lot more fun to actually use when making music.

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301 doesn’t have enough CPU to be a full on polyphonic granular synth. Mono can get close, but the GR-1 interface definitely has a fun factor

I’ve had great success making a 4 voice poly grain synth / sampler with all the usual fixings (ADSR, Filters etc) paired with a vermona QMI (a yarns or similar would do the same 4ch 1vo/gate function).

That and the files loaded can be significantly larger.