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Teletype and ER-301 Basics


That’s exactly my understanding @Joe - my plan, such as it is, is to maximise use of this in the ER-301, but also use the expanders to send related signals elsewhere - in my mind I am kinda thinking this may overcome the no CV out limitation of the ER-301 - but I may be imagining things :smiley:


Hey @elias, I believe you are covered with the forthcoming TXb (last picture in the linked post here):


not really… TXb is just a breakout for the i2c bus. the (forthcoming) faderbank has the implementation to act as an i2c master (and thus control eg. an er301 without tt). though: ansible is open source, all the ingredients should be around for someone to implement that. I agree that direct ansible to er301 communication would be pretty rad, specially in a small portable setup.

I must say I share some concerns about the coding/designing vs jamming subject.

but imo the same can be said for er301. it’s also not very “let’s jam around” out of the box. both er301 and tt want to be set first. you might say it’s less the case with er301 as it’s more hands on. but I would disagree: you can have a lot of fun in tt LIVE mode, which is just a command line interface, without using the scripts and patterns and thinking about any bigger complex picture.

very much a designers hat vs performers hat thing, which is also relatively new to me, and contrarian to why I loved the modular in the first place. but hey, that wasn’t with that capable digital modules.

exciting times!


Honestly, the thing that has surprised me most about the TT is how much fun Live Coding is!

You can do a lot of meta-sequencing from live mode in a jam. Such as:

  • one-shot a script from a button press
  • type an offset for your pitch cvs
  • enter pattern data (which can be used for anything, maybe Pitch, Gate Length, Transposition)
  • change internal metronome speed
  • turn the input knob to smoothly change any value
    edit the virtual monome grid (which you can use in script without needing the hardware)

…the list goes on. You can even do more complex instructions with loops and conditionals.

The only restriction is that you are executing a single line when you press ‘Enter’. (Even then though, you could type into a free script and then execute it, as above)

Teletype is so much fun. Especially if you like to think of your complex patches in ‘pseudo-code’ - but even if coding isn’t your thing, you can do a lot with a few simple lines if you patch it right.


Also, with regards to the keyboard. That is one area where the Teletype underperforms. The included chiclet keyboard feels cheap.

You don’t have to break the bank on a fancy schmancy 60% mechanical keyboard though - because Amazon have them for about £25. Specifically the one I got is superb and has Cherry MX switches so is very responsive.

You can choose different levels of switch ‘clickiness’. I went for Cherry Blues which are very clicky indeed. That might be a problem if you are performing live - but you could go for quieter switches or even get some dampening rings (which are a couple of quid on ebay).

I hope it’s ok to link to a commercial site - let me know if not and I will remove the link.

Thread To Break The Forum Silence

Mine arrived a few days ago from @emenel and precipitated a major case re-org, I’ve gotten as far as sending a virtual trigger to the ER-301 :wink:


Ahh, thanks for the clarification! Good to know that it is possible to integrate Ansible in the future.


Teletype is on its way here, quite excited i must say. I realised i forgot to order the expander kit which allows multiple devices to communicate with TT over i2c. As i’m also very excited on Just Type and having a JF here which i absolutely love, i want to hook up JF and the 301 to TT, this assumption is correct i hope?


I believe you only really need the i2c bus board if you are running more than 3 slaves off the Teletype master.

So you should be fine. Note that you only need 3 jumper cables to connect from TT to 301 and 3 more (edit) from TT to JF and there are 2 of each pin on the TT.

Just Type is really great. The polysynth and geode modes are a lot of fun. I haven’t connected my TT to the 301 yet because I only got the 301 a few days ago and want to explore it for a bit first.


Ahh cool! Thanks !! Looking forward to wrap my head around this!


I’ll focus on learning the TT first along with Just Type ( though this is more advanced coding, what i’ve read anyway) won’t be touching my 301 with a solder iron soon I suppose :slight_smile: If I remember correctly the coming cpu upgrade no longer requires you to mod the board… As for the 301, exploring it never ends…such an inspiring device


Yes, but when this will happen is completely open ended, it could be a long time coming!

I am still waiting for my TT, Parcel Farce have promised it would be at local post office twice now, twice I’ve made pointless journeys through the awful weather to go and collect it. Monday now apparently… so that will be three times which means 1 1/2 days out of my life running around after them. I hate them so much. Parcel Farce needs to die.


Ok, in the meantime i’ll gather the courage towards the moment that I’ll heat up the iron then :slight_smile: And yeah, post services as well as customs can be a real pain, hang in there! :facepunch:t2:


Forgive me if I missed this, but can the outputs of the TXi TXo be sent along the i2c bus along with the messages from the Teletype?


No. A couple things.

TXi is an input module. Doesn’t output anything.

TXo is an I2C client, not host, so it can’t send messages to ER-301 over the I2C cable (but you can still patch from its outputs to the ER-301 inputs).


I thought so, but good to actually have confirmation - thank you very much :slight_smile:

Seems resolving this host client relationship somehow would be a massive step up, but I appreciate the problems inherent in making something like this work; the potential for very undesirable results from feedback looks would be huge!

But perhaps there’s room for alternative solutions, an i2c merge box perhaps?


TXo doesn’t work without Teletype anyway, so I guess I don’t get the point. Just use Teletype.


I am a total novice at this stuff, so please forgive me if I have the wrong idea, but I believe TXo does things Teletype doesn’t, namely envelopes and other smooth curvy type things?

I am sure I read a thread on Lines where someone tried doing envelopes in Teletype but the results were not that great.

It’s not a big deal, it’s just interesting :slight_smile:


Yeah, TXo does things Teletype doesn’t. It has it’s own Teensy to use for the purpose. I can see the gap you’re pointing out, but there’s no current way to do anything about it (except use 3.5mm patch cables).


Cool, so I have got the right ideas then, that’s reassuring and yes, of course - cables it is - I like cables!