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Teletype and ER-301 Basics


Here’s a potentially dumb question from me: would it be possible for the ER-301 to have a Unit which could be read by Teletype or is communication always one way?


I2C communication is always master -> slave.


The Teletype -> ER-301 is a fascinating relationship; I can’t think of two other modules that take the two roles of master and slave so seriously and to such depth!

In a moment of silliness and in honour of all the absurdity of what we do, I’ve pretty much decided that the cable from the Teletype to the ER-301 is going to be called…

The Whip



Sigh. The terminology is very regrettable.


Only if you turn your attention that way… lets not! It’s equally valid and I’m quite happy to sit with the funny side or the technical side and just avoid the regrettable side altogether!


The point is - there is no cable needed from the Teletype to the ER-301. You can send 100 Gates and (slewed) CVs over i2c.


Heheh I know… It was specifically the i2c cable to which I was referring :slight_smile:


Aha! D’oh.


I don’t think I would have made the effort (it was considerable) to go for the Teletype had it not been for these extreme communication possibilities!

I’m going to have a darn good go at using a significant number of them, kinda itching to get going - my mind is buzzing with possibilities!

Is it wrong that I started daydreaming scripts up already? I am super surprised, in a very good way, at how quickly I’ve picked it up and started imagining things.


HI @kel what was the final cost of the teletype? Thinking of ordering one and checking the tax and stuff…


Um, it will be a little different because I got a 10% discount with Control but here’s the invoice from Parshitfarce:


Thank you…


The name of the carrier seems to mutate a bit each time you type it. :smile:


Hmm. I paid less total Poosel Fahrts fee than that for my Teletype + Walk bundle - which I ordered direct from Monome.

I paid cash so no bank record, but I might have a photo of the slip - I’ll have a look. From memory, it was closer to £70. EDIT: That can’t be right can it? I’ll see if I can find it… it deffo wasn’t as much as £90 though.


It doesn’t surprise me, they just make it up as they are going along :laughing:


Roughly speaking, if you convert Cost including postage in $ into £ - and then add on 20% - that’s what you’ll pay give or take a few quid.

I did a lot of shopping around and it was cheaper to buy direct from the US than from Europe. (There is a Swedish store called Escape From Noise that stocks Monome kit - https://escapefromnoise.com/?lang=en)

It did take about two weeks door to door - but it got caught up in the end of xmas post, so you might get it quicker.

I highly recommend the Teletype! Well worth the extra hassle of buying from the US.



Sorry, I’m fairly sure this has been answered before: does the i2c hardware modification of the 301 affect it negatively in any way?


No. Brian of O|D is the person who sanctioned it.


Although it does depend upon who’s soldering the shunt :blush:!


Bless you :smiley: